Monday, July 30, 2012

snippets from last week of july

images from the last week:
1/ NZ Olympic flag flying at school 2/ it's still winter 3/ lemons in the fruit bowl 4/cacti at the garden centre 5/ view towards Nelson across the estuary
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

confession time

Yes, it's confession time. I've been quietly posting away here for what feels like forever, and I have never revealed my love of op shopping.*  I know, I find it hard to believe too! No, I'm definitely not ashamed of my addiction, I just don't seem to have found the need to blog it. I've even taken photos of my op shop scores in the past, but never actually got around to sharing them. So in the absence of anything else to blog about I'm going to share "some" of my scores from the last week.

First up we have a 1974 Commonwealth Games calendar. Ooohh I love that logo - it's so styley, and makes the 2012 Olympic logo look amateur - even although it cost 400,000 pounds! The Commonwealth Games were held in Christchurch, and I was a bit young to actually remember the games! Next is a large Maltexo tin, which will be useful for putting stuff in my studio. I did have to laugh at all the ailments that are cured with a good old dose of the stuff. And a cute wee triangular pottery vase, which I have a use for (and will be duly revealed!), and two kitchen utensils. The yellow handled one is for gouging out the stones of peaches etc, and if my memory serves right the green one is for coring pears. My mother was a dedicated preserver of fruit, and had similar tools of the trade. Hopefully I will put them to use this summer.

The lino cutting set will be great for printmaking, although it only has 2 or it's original 5 heads. The tool next to it that looks a bit like an egg beater is actually a hand knitter (see the box!) I can't honestly say I will get around to using it, but for $1 I couldn't leave it behind! Next is a glass jar, yes but look closely at the lid - it used to hold "instant tea", which I can only shudder at the thought of what that might have tasted like!

From the free bin at the St Vinnie's I grabbed Issue 6 of a great wee mag that is no more - World Sweet World. They only ever made 9 issues but they are a real treasure. And lastly is the Talking Map of Australia, from 1970. I love all things to do with Captain Cook, and have a wee collection of things about him and his re-discovery of NZ. But this was the first time I've found anything about Australia, and I brought it with someone in mind! Yes it's for Kylie, a sweet Aussie girl who's sending me a Nelson tea towel. So I thought I'd send her something in return, and when I saw this I knew it might be just fit the bill (just hoping she'll love it!)  Let's take a look inside (Kylie close your eyes if you don't want the surprise ruined!)
Yes the "talking map" is a wee record! And there's a large wall map of Australia, which has allsorts of interesting facts on it.
Now isn't that amazing to see how large Australia is compared with Europe! If I remember right New Zealand is about the same size as England and Scotland (excluding Wales!)

Now that I've got that off my chest (so to speak), I think I'd better link up with Sophie's Flea Market Finds here (another first!)

* op shopping definition:  "op" is an abbreviation of  "opportunity" and seems to be a common name for charity/thrift shops in New Zealand and Australia, which used to be referred to as "opportunity shops".

Monday, July 16, 2012

wet snippets

The last two days of the school holidays were wet and foggy. But it didn't rain all of the time, I was able to wander in the garden in the fog, and take time to look at some of the smaller things.


It won't be long till the cherry trees are flowering.
"Fall" acrylic on canvas, 405 mm x 510 mm
The kids went back to school this morning, and I finished a painting for a local art awards. I was humming and haaing about whether to enter anything, as entries close tomorrow. I had painted the first layer a few weeks ago and wasn't happy with it, so this morning I painted leaves all over it, then after a cup of tea I finished it off with the white overpainting. I should have taken photos during the various stages. I think I'm happy with it, it might need a wee bit of touching up in places? Or maybe I should just leave it. Not too sure about the name though!!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

slowing down

It's just me and the kids for the rest of the week - the last week of the school holidays. The first week was our staycation with friends. On Saturday hubby left for India, then on Sunday I was the frantic hotel maid as I farewelled the friends and did laundry and vacuuming before my brother and his family arrived. As much as I love having other people around, I enjoy my solitude, yes I'm an introvert!

Yesterday I managed to get to the beach on my own at sunset. It was cold and beautiful.
This morning we had a lovely walk around Mapua. Now I just have to keep the kids entertained for the rest of the week!

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PS I just had to throw in the yellow flower (Gazinnia 'Sahara') from the other day!

Monday, July 9, 2012


We have just had a week-long staycation! Yes a vacation where you stay at home and enjoy the sights. This was instigated by having friends from Wellington come and stay for the week. It was nice relaxing at home, seeing some of the sights of our lovely region, and enjoying lots of eating out and drinking the odd wine or two! We were very lucky with the weather, it only rained at once in the middle of one night, so we all got lots of vitamin D. Here are some of the highlights of the week.

Mapua estuary boat trip on the Flat Bottomed Fairy. This is very close to home, and is a 20 minute scenic cruise around the estuary. The ferry is designed to take cyclists from Mapua to Rabbit Island (and vice versa) as part of the cycle trail that is being developed in the region. As a special deal adults can take the cruise without disembarking for $5 with kids free! Money well spent.

the Flat Bottomed Fairy heading to the beach, Rabbit Island is on the right

all aboard, cyclists first!
view of the Mapua Wharf from the ferry
seaside houses, with the mountains behind (see my comment on the last photo of this post)

some of the houses, are still quite "original"!
we even saw a man walking on the water! (paddle boarding)
A trip to Kaiteriteri and Little Kaiteriteri, which are two gorgeous golden beaches near the Abel Tasman National Park. In the summer these places are packed and I find it all a bit overwhelming, I much prefer the quiet of the winter months, and as I'm no swimmer it's fine by me!
the kids searched for shells on the golden sands
Miss L practicing her cartwheels
we went on a bush walk
the kids had fun collecting the honeydew off the beech trees and eating it! (yes that tiny wee drop on the end of the hair by H's finger)
On the last day, we went to the Centre of New Zealand, which happens to be on a steep hill overlooking Nelson city with fabulous 360 views. I've just learnt it isn't "actually" the centre of the NZ! (check out the link if you're interested in the history etc).
the kids trying to see our house!
which I think is somewhere near the red X!
 There was a great panorama of all the mountains (which was impossible to take a photo of!) The Twins and Mt Arthur are the two mountains that we see from our place, and are the ones in the 4th and 5th photos of this post taken from the ferry. Following the staycation the hubby had to jump on a plane to India, so it was great to have him around for a week.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

last week of term

Term 2 is over, it's winter and it's a bit cold.
"Walk to School Wednesday"
shadows of red hot pokers
flax shadows on old shed on way to school
silvereye in the holly tree (look carefully to see her eye!)
low snow, looking south from our gate

zooming in on the snow on the hills
very frosty mornings

thankfully we are still getting lovely sunrises and clear, crisp days

Daisy finds a warm spot in the sun, she doesn't normally look this fearsome!
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