Thursday, September 12, 2013


Yesterday as the southerly storm thrashed the South Island, I stayed at home and sewed. Luckily our area was not badly affected, there were some loud thunder claps overhead, enough to make me unplug the modem to avoid the computer getting fried, but compared to other regions we escaped damage.

Daisy had the right idea and slept all day on a pile of freshly thrifted and washed woollen blankets.

Before I could get down to the business of making I had admin duties for the upcoming Mapua Makers Market that I'm organising with my friend. It's the 4th one we've organised and I wished it got easier, but alas not yet. 
By the end of the day I had seven freshly made zipper pouches/purses. I'm trying to be more efficient in my sewing, but as each piece is a one-off it's hard to get a production line going. I make according to the materials I have on hand, what inspires me, and often one thing leads onto another.
I enjoyed the free stitching, or as The Teenager said "Mum it looks like you can't sew a straight line". So now I'm ready to try this on a larger scale and make some cushions.
A couple of weeks ago I found a 95% compete tapestry of a Constable painting at the dump shop. After a warm wash and iron, I turned it into four zippered pouches. I love these so much I've kept one for myself!
All of the materials that I used to make these pouches were sourced from an op shop (or the dump shop) - the wool blanket, the fabric used for lining, the zips, the doilies and the thread. As my motto for Mahana Redlegs says "I'm upcycling as fast as I can."

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  1. glad to hear the great storm didn't do any harm there. we lost some tree branches and our tunnel house lifted off it's moorings and travelled a little way, but undamaged!
    the tapestry pouches look ace, haven't seen any made from tapestry before, i daresay they will go down like hotcakes x

  2. Love all your pouches, I think I probably have some half finished tapestries lying around here somewhere, might be time for a spot of upcycling! :) I love your free stitching, it would look great on cushions too. J xx PS I am visiting from Christina's Made by Hand linky thing, nice to meet you!

  3. Oh my! Those tapestry pouches are so so very wonderful! Clever you. I love the way people see something like a half finished tapestry and are able to use their creative mind and skills to turn it in to such lovely and practical pieces.

    Your kitty looks so very sweet and happy there too. :)

  4. I like the idea of upcycling the tapestry. I have two tapestries I made myself that I don't quite know what to do with. The linings look really cute too.

  5. Oh my!! Enjoyed your blog so much!! Happy to have found you! I came by way of the Made by Hand Thursday's blog hop...I tweeted for you! Joined your blog, and Bloglovin.....won't you please join mine too?

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    Sanderella's Crochet Blog

  6. Your pouches are so cute! I really like them. You are so creative :)

    That first photo is too cute. That's exactly where my cats would have been as well! I loooove that colorful zig zag blanket on the back of the chair :)

  7. Wow those pouches look gorgeous!

  8. Daisy looks as if she had the right idea! Your pouches are wonderful and amazing how you have reused the tapestry.
    Sarah x

  9. What fab little purses, I love the one with the dollies, stopping by from Christina's link up.

  10. Those pouches are gorgeous! I think you've done brilliantly! The tapestry idea is inspired :) thanks so much for linking up!

  11. We've got a cat at home that looks so like yours. We call him the big hairy furball but his real name is Slippers. He too will lie in anything woolly or fuzzy that he can find in the house.
    Love the pouches from the tapestry. Such a good idea.
    Rosie xx

  12. The tapestry pouches are gorgeous!


  13. Hi I have just found your lovely blog, what wonderful little pouches you have made, I really like the ones made from the tapestries. Greenthumb.

  14. You cat looks quite cozy on those comfy blankets.
    I love the tapesty pouches !!