Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reflecting on Reflections

On Monday morning I went into Nelson to collect a painting that had been in an exhibition at the Suter Art Gallery. Miss L decided she had a "cold" and "didn't feel well" so I had company for the day. We walked through Queens Gardens on the way to the gallery cafe, and on the way back I took these photos. All are reflections from a puddle and the pond. It was nice to see a glimpse of blue sky, and autumn leaves.


We also went into the Chinese Garden and took more photos. I was late for my next appointment - but I could hardly stop clicking! And what you see here is only a few of the many photos. I like how everything seems to upside down.

 Not everything was upside down though! I love the paving stones in the gardens, they are hexagonal pavers with beach stones set into them on the edge, so no good for high heels! (There is a notice warning people against wearing high heels here as it's a popular place for wedding photos.)

 After lunch we decided to go to Washbourn Gardens which is the public gardens in Richmond. Here it was bright Icelandic poppies filled with happy bees that I couldn't stop clicking at!

 I love the fuzzy flower pods too. There were no reflections to be found in these gardens as the pond is very muddy from all the ducks that hang out here, and the stream is fast flowing. I couldn't actually take a photo of all the ducks as they mobbed us expecting to be fed bread. Miss L said they made her feel claustrophobic!

Mothers Day Revisited

A couple of days late ..... but hey better late than never! Miss L could barely wait until Sunday to give me her envelope full of love! A bookmark with butterflies, a poem titled "My Super Mum', and a letter. She was particularly proud because the males in the household had made zero effort. But then I think her teacher was the instigator! Mothers Day is always a funny-ole day for me, as the last eighteen Mothers Days I have not had a mum to say thank you to. Anyhow I did survive, as I always have. When I was a kid we did not celebrate Mothers Day too hard, ever then we were not into commercialisation. Mum usually got breakfast in bed, one memorable year my youngest brother cooked her a duck's egg. Now my mum never ate eggs (apparently she had so many as a child that she was sick of them!) so for her having to eat a duck's egg and a cold one at that, showed how much she loved us kids!

I didn't get breakfast in bed, as I'm always the first out of bed, especially in the weekends it just will never happen! But I did get pancakes cut into heart shapes. After we had tidied up the house for yet another open home and had lunch, we headed out into the sunshine, which had eluded us for seven days.We went to a cafe in Mapua for a latte and a treat, a brownie for me (with walnuts - yummy!) and handcut fries for the kids.

 Then we headed to the beach at Ruby Bay for a brisk walk in the wind looking for kina shells. We managed to find three for my vase of them in the bathroom.

Then it was off to friends for a cup of tea before heading home to a box of scorched almonds left by the real estate agent. It is good to be a mum! The hubby cooked the most delicious chicken curry EVER, I think I need to keep him on as the chief weekend cook. Miss L declared it "was the best Mothers Day, ever" - she is right, well until next year.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well since we arrived home on Sunday night there has been nothing but grayness and rain. Shouldn't complain too much at least we have not had floods or tornadoes like the North Island. Had a semi-productive day at art group today. Started a small canvas to give to the Left Bank Art Gallery for their annual fundraiser. (If you scroll down on the link, my painting from last year is 3rd row from bottom in the centre). Actually wished I had taken my camera to Mapua as the trees in the fog on the field next to the hall did look rather beautiful, in a gray sort of a way.

Instead found more photos I forgot to post from last Thursday on our way to Barrytown. We only had one stop, at Fox River. It was lovely, except for when the resident sandflies found us, and started to bite!

Miss L taking a photo of the gap in the peninsula where you can see right through.

There were quite a gaggle of black oystercatchers

 Well here's hoping that the grayness will soon abate, and we can have autumn back.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Term 2 begins

Today the kids went back to school, after two weeks of holidays. The boy turned 11 on the first day of the holidays and we gave him an ipod Touch. After he'd had a downloading frenzy it killed our monthly broadband allocation, so were on dial-up speed for a week! Which makes writing or reading blogs impossible!! But thankfully Trademe was still possible, as I've been having great sales cleaning out cupboards and the garage before we move. Speaking of which the house is still for sale, and winter is coming ........

Here's a few photos from the last two weeks.
 First stop was the seaside village of Mapua, which at the moment is 20 minutes drive away, but when we move will be 5 minutes away! The kids and I went fishing on the wharf with my aunt and uncle who stayed with us for 2 nights.

One of my favourite shops is the Mapua Country Trading Co. It is packed full of simple, practical, gorgeous things for garden and kitchen.

We managed to have a short break away down the West Coast at the brother's farm.

The hubby and I had some time together at Cobden Beach, I searched for driftwood suitable for painting on, and we both enjoyed the balmy warm weather.

And yes we did watch THE WEDDING! Had a wee party instigated by my 4 year old niece, and us adults stayed up and watched it until they arrived at Buckingham Palace. We had to wait until the morning for the repeat showing to see the kiss!