Saturday, March 24, 2012

a petite paquet arrived

Yesterday it rained, and when I got home from art group there was a slightly soggy petit paquet in my letterbox. Thankfully what was inside had survived it's journey all the way from Toronto to Mahana!
 Yes it was a small packet from Arounna of bookhou at home fame! And what was inside.....
 Yes it was one of her gorgeous zippered pouches made from the drop cloths from her fabric printing. I had seen that she was going to list some of these little beauties in her shop, at a certain time - which ended up being midday my time. This was actually my second choice, as the first one I tried to buy had already sold!
 And this is what I am using it for - to hold my scissors and thread, some felted woollen jumper scraps, which I am appliqueing parts of a London Underground tea towel onto to make my "End of the Line" brooches.
Which I have for sale in my Felt shop.  One of my aims this year is to start selling via Felt, which is a bit like a Kiwi version of Etsy. So I am ever so slowly listing things.  Think I need to get better at the old photography thing - but it was a weird light. Enough excuses I just need to retake the photos!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

the frenzy - part 2 (and a giveaway)

Well I'm still having to paint up a storm. The trip away was not that successful, I didn't sell any paintings, only sold enough cards etc to cover the cost of the stand. I did get some good feedback on my new paintings, but also after staring at them for two days saw a few things that needed changing! So have made some changes, and still have 3 paintings to finish by Saturday, when I hang my solo exhibition "Forma Naturale".

detail of Naturale 1
 This painting was the first I started on and has probably seen the most changes. Take a look at it a month ago on this blog post. Since then it's been turned around and the trees are gone and are replaced by roots!
detail of Naturale 2

Molecular Landscape 2
If you are interested in seeing more of my paintings head over to my Facebook page where I'm having a giveaway of one of my circular oilstick paintings. To enter like my Facebook page.

Well I had better get down to the studio, after taking half a day to write my artist statement yesterday I'm a bit behind! Why is writing an artist statement so god damm hard?? But now I've done it feel that it is lending some direction in what I am doing. Although the hubby was a bit perplexed by it all! If you've interested here's a link to it.