Tuesday, July 10, 2012

slowing down

It's just me and the kids for the rest of the week - the last week of the school holidays. The first week was our staycation with friends. On Saturday hubby left for India, then on Sunday I was the frantic hotel maid as I farewelled the friends and did laundry and vacuuming before my brother and his family arrived. As much as I love having other people around, I enjoy my solitude, yes I'm an introvert!

Yesterday I managed to get to the beach on my own at sunset. It was cold and beautiful.
This morning we had a lovely walk around Mapua. Now I just have to keep the kids entertained for the rest of the week!

Linking up with {tinniegirl}over the ditch.

PS I just had to throw in the yellow flower (Gazinnia 'Sahara') from the other day!


  1. Those pictures are wonderful especially that sunset.
    Sarah x

  2. i just can't get enough of those beautiful views you post on here. i read a great book about introverts recently, called 'quiet, the power of introverts in a world that wont stop talking' by susan cain. absolutely facinating, especially on the necessity and benefits of quiet time x

    1. Hi Max, thanks so much for that book title - I'd heard something on NatRad (I think?) about introverts etc and was identifying with what the woman was saying, but couldn't remember the name of the book. I'll be looking it up, its interesting being married to an extrovert and having 2 kids, one of each! S:)

  3. The beach is a beautiful place to enjoy a little downtime.