Wednesday, October 31, 2012

peony overload

I brought a bunch of peonies from a roadside stall last Thursday, as I wanted some colour for my open studio event on Sunday. I got lots of comments on them (and also some on my paintings! If you're interested have a look here) even although they were almost "past their best". Well by Tuesday they were definitely past it - but I spent a good half hour getting up close and personal with them.

I think I was channelling the wonderful photos of Emma Bass that are currently being exhibited at Red Gallery in Nelson. I have only seen the photos on Facebook, so I must get in and check them out before the exhibition is finished. Take a look, they are too die for (oops bad pun, they are also of flowers that are "past their best"!)

So if you don't like peonies look away now!

 I did warn you! And those are the best 19 of the 40! It's taken me longer to resize and cull them than it did to take the photos.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post. I will get back into more regular blogging once I have the Mapua Makers Market over with on Sunday, although I've also got two others booked for November and one for December. As they say I'm "making hay while the sun shines".

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

getting back on the horse

Joining in with {tinniegirl}{sunday snippets} is a good way to get back on the blogging horse, post holiday. I am busy with making things, and want to do the holiday justice when I have time, but by then it might be a distant memory...... 

The past week has involved trips to the beach, trips to town, enjoying sunrises again with daylight savings I'm awake in time, supermarket carparking, Friday night at port waiting for fish'n'chips and watching beans growing. Along with lots of other stuff I never took photos of! I find that instagram is an easy substitute for blogging.

There I did it, didn't want to go over a month without a post, phew! Now for the next one, getting back on the blogging horse isn't easy sometimes. Tell me how you get back on when you've slipped off.