Thursday, August 22, 2013

after the rain

You get sunshine after rain, well eventually.

Last night was particularly stormy, I didn't sleep well, and woke late so missed the sunrise this morning.

As the mists were lifting I could tell we were going to get a lovely sunny day. Finally. The children complained they were down to their last pair of underwear. August has been very wet. After a mild and dry July it's been a bit of a shock.

At the beach the sea was still stormy. The roar of the receding waves as they grabbed the loose stones was almost deafening.

After collecting two bags of rubbish I went home and hung out another load of washing.

Sorry I couldn't resist including a sunrise. This was Monday's - before or between rain. I'm trying out a new blogging method, of less words and more frequent posts. Time will tell if it's any more successful than my previous method.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 56 and counting down

I'm over the halfway point of the 100 Days Project I'm doing. It should get easier? Maybe, maybe not. Each day I have a blank page and a Sharpie pen, and the two have to meet. Deciding what to draw is usually the hardest thing. Once that decision is made and I have a spare 20 minutes, it happens. And I'm more often than not happy with the result.
Day 8
 I've never felt like quitting, but some days have definitely been a struggle. The two weeks of the school holidays meant that most of my drawings were done at night, sometimes just before going to bed. This is not ideal and made it feel like a chore.
Day 12
Sometimes I use an earlier drawing to expand on an idea/theme. Other days I draw things that I have collected or picked up. On the tough days I draw from books or images I've pinned. Sometimes I'm not quite sure where my inspiration comes from.
Day 36

I chose to draw with a Sharpie pen, as it stops me getting caught up with too much detail. And I like colouring in with lots of black.

Day 25
You'll notice there is a bit of a theme with my drawings. I'm inspired by nature; plants, shells, insects. Luckily these are also easy to draw! And they make good motifs which I am going to explore further in my paintings. I've already used one of my drawings as the basis for hand painting/drawing onto a china beaker.

Day 10
When the 100 days are over I'm going to have a giveaway. Yep, I'm going to give them away, to the lovely people who follow this blog and make the lovely comments that encourage me to keep on blogging. (You know who you are, thank you.)  Also to anyone else kind enough to start following me and commenting, names will be placed in the hat. I'll sort the details out closer to Day 100 (Sept 14th).

It was hard to choose just a few drawings for this post. If you'd like to have a look at the rest pop over to my Facebook page.