Wednesday, October 16, 2013

airing dirty linen

Well I had to get your attention somehow! I love a bit of old linen, but preferably not too dirty. But I have been know to gingerly pick something out of the free bin and take it home and throw it in a bucket of soaker and be thrilled when the dirt vanished.

For the two weeks of the school holidays my op shopping was severely curtailed, but I did manage a couple of quickies. Amazingly when we were in Greymouth in the first weekend of the holidays the Sally Army was having a late opening on a Saturday afternoon, and between dancing we got in and had a bit of a rummage. The find of the day was the bright checked Onehunga woollen travel rug for 10 bucks.

With school going back on Monday my ability to op shop fully has been restored. Most of what I look for is linen and haberdashery. These are the ingredients for making things for my Mahana Redlegs label, where I try to be as close to 100% upcycled as possible.

In Motueka this week I found the two large pieces of floral fabric. The top piece was $2 and the bottom was $8, which I did hesitate with, but if I average it over the two pieces I'm happy. The photo doesn't really show the amazing neon pink flowers it the second pieces. I'm not quite sure what I'll do with it. There's enough to make a dress or skirt, but it'll probably end up lining my blanket bags, as it's a heavy twill.

In the Red Cross in Nelson I found this old blue cardboard box. It may have been a chocolate box once, and it used to have wee metal feet, but only one of those is still there. It was full of cottons, bias binding, needles, domes and embroidery cotton, again I hesitated at $6, but I think it was worth it. Has anyone else noticed that the prices in the oppies are getting higher and higher?

And I also scored an old cotton tea towel for $1 (that's more like it). I love these ones with the crochet edging, but after it's wash it hasn't remained whole for long. I've had fun cutting out the flowers and leaves and machine embroidering them onto my homemade wool felt to make into brooches. I'll save the crochet edging and think of something to use it for too.

Joining in with Max's Op Shop Show Off for the first time in weeks. 


  1. Thrilling to see you recycle fabric and admire your sewing skills. I am still working out how to use my sewing machine......very cautiously!!! Op-shops are great just wish they had more of these type of shops over here. I usually have to wait until I get to go home to the UK to go on an OP-shop spree.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. I admire your fossicking skills and creativity. Yes, I've noticed OpShop prices have increased, so it makes it even more exciting to find a real bargain!

  3. So neat how you use the towel cut outs to make brooches - very creative! And I really love that woollen travel rug. What a great find!

  4. That fabric made my heart pang... it is so gorgeous! awesome finds :)

  5. Charity shops are getting pricier over here too but there are still some bargains to be had. Love your fabrics and box of sewing notions and how clever you are to recycle the tea towel into brooches.

  6. what a great score that woollen blanket is!.

  7. love those brooches! and the floral fabric on a blue background is very spring looking. great to have you linking in x

  8. I think prices are definitely getting higher. I'm noticing it especially with Crown Lynn. If you are still keen to join in with the Travelling Linen Stash swap, drop me your address details. Elaina xo

  9. gosh love absolutely everything here! beautiful florals and all the habi treasures just lovely!