Friday, April 12, 2013

dump shop score

A long over due catch up with Max and her op shop show-offs this week. Hardly a week would pass when I don't score something from the op shop or dump shop. This week was no different, but what was different is I'm actually showing something off. I don't often get around to taking photos of what I find. It's all a bit of a faff, finding a clear and clean surface to arrange said items on, group with some equally attractive and complimentary objects. Take a photo or two, downloading the photos, more faffing around on the computer, then writing a scintillating blog post about someone else's cast offs.

Nevertheless here I am on a Friday night doing exactly that. Not an op shop score this week (well there were a few, but they are too boring to take photos of), but instead its a dump shop score. Or to be more pc - the recycling centre. Now which one of these objects am I referring to, well it's the tall West German at the back. Yes $1.50 from the Richmond Recycling centre, I was expecting to have to pay $3 as that seems to be the standard charge per item, regardless of what it is.

When viewed from my bathroom floor or toilet seat you can't see the small chip on the rim, so I am very happy. It goes well with the smaller white West German, which may have come from the same place, and is also flawed  - a hairline crack on the neck. Once upon a time I was very fussy about chips and cracks, now I see past the imperfections and am more happy not to have parted with lots of money.

According to the laws of interior decorating you are supposed to group things in 3s or 5s, but I prefer the 4. Have a nice weekend.


  1. What a gorgeous little vignette of handsome German's (and other's) Sally. Wonderful bargains too which makes them even sweeter.

    p.s. so sorry you were unable to find Jackie, hopefully she's stretching her little budgie wings and having a lovely time out in the big wide world.

  2. I really like them! I have also heard that you should group items in uneven numbers, but I really like your collection of the four. Maybe it works better because they are all different heights. Whatever the reason, it works! :)

  3. Having spent most of my childhood in West Germany these designs look familiar to me, as my Mum had similar vases to these in the 70's! I was quite surprised what a fellow bloogger from Australia recently showed her latest bargain purchase which exactly matched one of my Mum's vases that I still have!
    I use match the uneven numbers bur you display with 4 looks good, I will have to try it! Sorry that yiu haven't found Jackie.
    Sarah x

  4. I think your display of four is just right! x