Saturday, April 28, 2012

printing on lorna

Thursday is Mapua Art Group day.. Since moving it's a 5 minute drive versus the 20 minute drive it used to be. Since moving (6 months ago now - hard to believe we ever lived somewhere else!) I seem to get to Art Group less often than I used to. How can that be? I even used to take the kids in the school holidays, and then we'd have lunch at the beach at Ruby Bay as a treat (well it was for me), now that's my regular beach and I go at least once a week.

Anyhow I did get to Art Group on Thursday this week. We had a  printing session, following on from the workshop on printing in November. Back then I started off by drawing with a Sharpie pen on pages of an old Lorna Doone book, as I posted here. I never seemed to get around to showing the prints that I did then (better late than never!)

On Thursday I managed to carve one more lino cut, only a small one. I based it on the photo of the matai tree that I took on my phone while down the Coast. I would love to have a printing press, it's so much fun, the anticipation as you peel off the paper ........ Again I got the comment from someone, they'll look nice when you print them on some proper paper. Well I have no intention on printing on "proper" page, what's wrong with using a page of a book? But I'm not actually sure what I'll do with them, maybe cards? or I might matt a few up - but then they'll need framing......

I couldn't resist making a print of autumn leaves
due to technical issues (thanks Blogger) I can't seem to get this photo and the one below to turn around!
what am I going to do with all these prints?!

the 3 lino blocks I've carved

On another front, I have a new venture (adventure) with a good friend. We have talked about it for so long we suddenly decided to stop talking and get doing. So we are organising the very first Mapua Makers Market, to be held on Queens birthday Monday (4th June) at the local hall. So exciting, and a bit nervous that we'll get enough stall holders of the right calibre in such a short time!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Today was Anzac Day, and we did not get up very early, so no dawn parades here! At lunchtime we went for a wander around Queens Gardens and the Cathedral in Nelson to look at the wreaths laid at the war memorials.
World War I monument, Nelson Cathedral garden

Boer War monument, Queens Garden

The autumn colours were reflecting on the pond at Queens Gardens. The Gardens were started in 1887 in honour of Queen Victoria's 50th jubilee. The Boer War (1899-1902) Monument in Queen's Gardens was ordered from Italy, along with 45 others to go around New Zealand. We went to the memorial by the cathedral, which was erected after WWI, and couldn't remember where the WWII one was. Then on the drive home it dawned on me, it'll be the one at Anzac Park!

My favourite part of Queens Gardens is actually the newest - the Huangshi Chinese Gardens which were opened in 2007. The photos below were taken from the bridge that links the two part of the Gardens.We actually had our picnic lunch at the Japanese Miyazu Garden, so felt like we experienced a bit of Asia in Nelson today.

The ducks seem to realise that duck shooting season is about to start and that the safest place to be is here. I have great memories as a child coming here to feed the ducks. Now there is a sign saying it's not good for the ducks to be feed as they become dependent on handouts!

It's a bit strange having a day off in the middle of the week, so back to it tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

instagram love

Finally us plebs with android phones can get with it, and get Instagram! As soon as I heard this amazing news I downloaded the app and started clicking away on my phone.  We went down the West Coast for the weekend so there was plenty to click at.


Photos all taken at Barrytown:
1/ old shed 2/ looking north at beach 3/ window of Barrytown Hall 4/ Miss L on beach 5/ horses at beach 6&7/ my brother's cows 8&9/ Barrytown cemetery 10/ matai tree 11/ paddock with nikau palms

Although I have to admit once a photo has left my phone I'm not really sure what to do! I have managed to sync my Instagram with my computer so I can get the photos back! But that's about it. Lots of fun, and another great time waster.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

wet and wordless wednesday

Very wet today. Photos from beach walk Easter Saturday morning and Tuesday's sunrise!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

at "changing threads"

One of  my wall hangings "Yin and Yang" which I blogged about back here, was accepted for "Changing Threads" - the National Contemporary Fibre Art Awards. Which I was very pleased about, especially as only 40 pieces were chosen. The exhibition is on until 21 April, so I hope lots of people go and see it as it's a fantastic exhibition - very well curated and the prize winners really stood out.

"Yin and Yang" - needle felted recycled wool blankets.
Here was one of the category winners, "Buck Fever" by Matt Siwerski
The other category winners can be seen on the Changing Threads website.

Monday, April 2, 2012

beach roamings

I love going to the beach - especially by myself! I often try to pop down to the local beach (about 5 mins drive away) to recharge the batteries and look for treasures!

In the weekend I took the kids and a couple of their friends to Ruby Bay. The tide was out and we walked around the cliffs, and found banana passionfruit. Which they were so excited to find and eat, hence why there are no photos of them!

Then the kids had fun looking in the rock pools.

This shot is looking across the bay towards Nelson, the city and port are  in the middle, to their right is the cliffs above Rocks Road, which are currently having to be stabilised again due to the heavy rain we had a few months ago.

 I  found the variety of seaweed fascinating. Although looking at the photos they actually look a bit creepy and placenta-like!

 The following photos were taken a few days earlier, while I was walking by myself at Ruby Bay. Often the waves are gentle and just lap the shore, but that day they were rolling in at an angle and whacking down. I find all that energy exhilarating and one of the best ways to start the day (well it was actually about 9.30, after I had dropped the kids off at school.)
I spend alot of time thinking while walking and searching for rubbish. Have a wee scheme/plan I'm working on, will share when its finalised! The rubbish gets sorted into two bags as I walk - one for bin (ie the real rubbish); and one for my ever expanding collection of bits and pieces that I hope to give a new life someday!