Monday, July 16, 2012

wet snippets

The last two days of the school holidays were wet and foggy. But it didn't rain all of the time, I was able to wander in the garden in the fog, and take time to look at some of the smaller things.


It won't be long till the cherry trees are flowering.
"Fall" acrylic on canvas, 405 mm x 510 mm
The kids went back to school this morning, and I finished a painting for a local art awards. I was humming and haaing about whether to enter anything, as entries close tomorrow. I had painted the first layer a few weeks ago and wasn't happy with it, so this morning I painted leaves all over it, then after a cup of tea I finished it off with the white overpainting. I should have taken photos during the various stages. I think I'm happy with it, it might need a wee bit of touching up in places? Or maybe I should just leave it. Not too sure about the name though!!

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  1. I love the painting! It puts me in mind of juliet peter, my fave artist ever! Its a winner in my book x

  2. Love the colours in the painting. Really beautiful.

    And your photos are gorgeous.

  3. Great photos, beautiful painting.

  4. Some beautiful things in the garden you have captured. xx

  5. Hi Sally,
    I love your painting and the colours and the effect of the white over painting. I can see that when it is winter here, I will enjoy seeing the summer pictures from your part of the world.
    Sarah x

  6. thanks everyone for your lovely comment on my painting. It really helps to get such positive feedback to help me keep on painting on!!!

  7. Hello Sally

    I adore that first says so much......saying nice wouldn't be enough to describe it.

    I am surprised at your painting ...what talent....!

    Amanda :-)

  8. Hello Sally
    Me again!

    Pop into my blog when you can because I have left something for you there on my latest post :-)