Tuesday, July 3, 2012

last week of term

Term 2 is over, it's winter and it's a bit cold.
"Walk to School Wednesday"
shadows of red hot pokers
flax shadows on old shed on way to school
silvereye in the holly tree (look carefully to see her eye!)
low snow, looking south from our gate

zooming in on the snow on the hills
very frosty mornings

thankfully we are still getting lovely sunrises and clear, crisp days

Daisy finds a warm spot in the sun, she doesn't normally look this fearsome!
Linking up with {tinniegirl}, better late than never!


  1. wow what a view to wake up to each morning, lucky girl :) love the frost, i miss those mornings :)

  2. Such beautiful photos, but yes it looks very cold in your part of the world. That last photo is sensational. Love it.

  3. Your shadow pictures are great and those mountains and sunrises are amazing! I'm glad Daisy found a nice warm spot, that frost although beautiful feels cold.
    Sarah x

  4. Lovely scenery. Enjoy the days off school!

  5. I always love looking at for photos Sally and your puddy tat it gorgeous too.

  6. Hi Sally,
    What a stunning post and yes I saw the silver eye's piercing eye.
    Just beautiful...
    Daisy is Purfect too!
    Cats always find the warmest patch, don't they?
    Wishing you a week of peacefulness..
    Maria x