Sunday, September 2, 2012


It's officially spring, and we've had the 6th wet Sunday in a row (well it took almost all day for the gray clouds to turn to rain) but apart from that we've had lots of sunny days, and even had a couple of nights when we haven't lit the fire.

 Mumabi and the alpacas are happy it's spring as there's fresh, green grass to eat.

 The netball season is over, and I managed to take these photos of Fiona Sutherland's sculpture at Saxton Field near the netball courts.

A Father's Day latte with pretty retro china, at the cafe at World of Wearable Art.

Three more weeks until the end of term 3 and then we are off to Brisbane for a week, yippee!! Any Brissie sightseeing and op-shopping tips gratefully received!

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  1. Great pics! We had a beautiful, dry Sunday here in Brissie ~ :)

  2. Lovely photos of your week! That goat is too sweet.

  3. I enjoyed looking at your pictures of the weekend. I love the pictures of Mumabi, are the alpacas easy to look after?
    Sarah x

  4. I think blogger just ate my comment. I was saying how much I loved the sculpture.

  5. Hi there
    as always gorgeous photos......spring for you and we are on our way to Autumn although you wouldn't have thought so here ...its so hot at least it has rained a bit and the nights are cooler.
    Brisbane...I loved Brisbane when I was there...the sparkling city! I am a country girl myself and have always criticized cities but I must say Brisbane was impressive. Try a trip down the river...fantastic! Have a great time :-)

    Amanda x

  6. What is it about rain in Spring it has been super wet here fun in Brisbane sounds fun x