Thursday, September 13, 2012


I definitely need deadlines to help get over the procrastination stage and into the productive stage. I've got two craft markets coming up in November, but before then I want to finish four paintings for the spring exhibition of the Nelson Suter Art Society, and I need to finish another work on paper for a new gallery.

So instead of knuckling down to it I made something that had been floating around in my head for a while. In my stash I had a couple of very small zips. I have loads of homemade felted wool. The buttons were no problem once I had located the storage bin loaded up with jars of buttons (another shameful secret of  mine!)

First came the fearsome gray cat, then the demented cerise rabbit.

I added a fluffy tail to the cerise rabbit. However, with hindsight it looks more like a hole than fluff, so I shall be removing the offending appendage!!

Due to the shortage of tiny zips at the op shops (and my ethos that I do not buy anything new to make anything) these will be a very limited product line for the upcoming markets. They do however make a change from my "normal" zippered pouches, two of which have already winged off to new homes (thanks to Facebook and a blog swap!)

So I need to spend some serious time in the studio next week. It's been hard to find time this week with orthodontic appointments (both of the kids), school sports trips, delivering art works, and trips to the post shop after a mammoth packing session. Yes I sold my first painting via my website!!! So soon one of my artworks titled "Forma 1" will be gracing a wall in Melbourne. The crazy thing is that postage across the Tasman is only a few dollars more expensive than across the Cook Strait to the North Island.

I have started some new paintings for the exhibition in October, I don't think the above one is quite finished yet.

So next week no more procrastination. As we are going on holiday the following week. It's the last week of  term, so while hubby is off to Australia for work we will go to Christchurch for a couple of days and stay with my sister. It will be the first time I've been to Christchurch since the earthquakes so I am trying to steel myself for the changes. Then we are off to Brisbane for 7 days, yipee!! If you're on instagram follow my adventures here.

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  1. Your cats look such fun! Congratulations on selling your first painting, the other paintings on your website look lovely too. I was very interested in the words your great grandfather had written. I did a goggle search to find out more about him.
    Have a great time in Christchurch and Brisbane.
    Sarah x

  2. I love your Forma 1, Sally, and your little pouches too. Gorgeous fabric. I hope you have a lovely time in Christchurch, even though it will be sad to see it post earthquakes. All those lovely old buildings. Gone. Wishing you fun times in brissy too x

  3. Love em'!

    Revisiting old posts on my blog means revisiting and rediscovering old commenter's blogs, liking that :D

  4. Beautiful works you have on your website, nature provides us with so much inspiration!