Monday, June 25, 2012

snippets from the week

Sharing some pics from the week that was was from my instagram and linking up with {tinniegirl}.
I'm also having a wee rant at the bottom of this post, so not to bore anyone!

beach time with hubby

Miss L's fingernails match the sugar!

view from cafe at Havelock

I love playing on instagram, but unfortunately not as much as I'd like to, due to being on a severe Internet Restriction Diet (IRD). This IRD is due to not being able to get broadband even although we can see the bright lights of NZ's 9th largest city! We do live in a rural area, but it's mainly small blocks so there are a few of us on our road. However, the "box" where the connections are made is full, therefore we are on a waiting list. We eagerly anticipate seeing SOLD on the real estate signs, so we can move up the list, we are still 4th after 8 months! Instead of broadband we have a T-stick to get mobile internet, which we pay twice as much for a 10th of the data, a mere 4GB a month - hence the IRD. One day we hope to be back in the 21st century and have a wireless modem so I can happily instagram away to my hearts content.


  1. Rant away, i'll join you to say my broadband is so slow here i often use my mobile internet connection its way faster. Gorgeous photos x

    1. Well Stephen Fry hit the nail on the head about internet in this country! Our neighbours on broadband say it's very slow too, but think I'd rather have 40GB a month slow than 4GB of OK speed! We live in hope :) Sx

  2. Wonderful photos from your instagram the one of your hubby reminds me of the mountain views in Scotland.
    How awful to have to wait so long for your broadband, you won't know yourself once it it is connected hope you don't have to wait too much longer.
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, the mountains my hubby is looking at are the ones just behind Nelson city, we are surrounded by them here! Quite different looking to the Scottish ones though! I've only been to Edinburgh so haven't experienced the Highlands, yet! Sx

  3. It seems like a fair enough rant to me. Beautiful pics though.

  4. Yep lovely piccies...
    I also loved your doli brooches from previous post!
    Have a week full of fun..
    Maria x