Wednesday, October 30, 2013

(op shopping) frocking it

Most of the clothes I wear are from the op shop (save the underwear) but I'm not an adventurous wearer of clothes. I'm far too conservative for my own taste. I love vintage and retro, but I'm not good at wearing it. I'm trying to inject a bit into my everyday wears.

One of the reasons I'm stepping out of the shadows is I've been following Kylie who has been frocking it (and blogging again) for Frocktober. Now Kylie is quite a shy girl too, and I thought if she can do it for a month, I can do it for a day. If you don't already know Kylie, please go and visit and support her in raising much needed funds for ovarian cancer research. 

Also I've often wanted to join in with Jane and her Shiny-T Tuesdays. But I've always felt too shy - well not today! Her theme for this week is The Big Top. Well not quite sure how my get-up fits this theme, although I did feel like a bit of a clown taking selfies, and my footwear is clownish (although several sizes smaller). And I maybe be more Big Bot than Top, but if I don't do this now I might never pluck up the courage again.

So what am I wearing:

The shoes are Deuces (cos my feet are too wide for Converse) brought off Trade Me for half the price of new ones, even though they were new.

The leggings are new from The Warehouse ("where everyone gets a bargain" but they might have changed their branding recently).

The cardy is a stripey Max merino (op shopped) but you'll be pleased to know I replaced it with a black one after seeing these photos (what was I thinking!)

The brooch is one of my latest creations, based on a kina (sea anemone) shell.

The dress is a a 1950s polished cotton shift dress, although I'm not sure it was made in the 50s, probably more 70s. It's been lurking in the wardrobe for months, so long I can't remember which oppy I brought it at or how much it cost. It is sleeveless, hence the cardy, as I don't like displaying my wings, and it also nips in the volume of the dress. After these photos were taken I quickly made some alterations to the dress. It's homemade, and had strange pleats at the seams on both sides at the hem. When I unpicked these and ironed it I noticed that is was very bell-shaped, which was adding to the volume. So I quickly took in the side seams, and rushed out the door to get to the hairdressers.

The last shots I took in the car when I'd arrived home from the two and a half hours I'd wasted spent at the hairdressers. Now I know why I don't go and get turned back into a redhead very often, it takes too long! But I did gain a fringe, something I haven't had for a while.

Now if you're still here after all that, here are some photos of the lovely evening light we've been having lately.

Ah, that's more like it. Linking like crazy here and here.


  1. OMG! I nearly leaped off my chair with delight! i think you are fabulous, and now your 'out' i dont want to put you back in the box but i want to keep playing with you! Dont only do this once, i love it! Adore that dress, i have one quite similar and think the stripes are fab with it! erm and excuse me....the pins on you!!! oh you gotta do this again! love love love it! x

    1. Oh Jane, you're making me blush! You're too kind, but I'm really a jeans and T-shirt girl, so not sure whether I'll pluck up the courage to play with you again. xx

  2. You look so cute! I am a big fan of leggings so I especially like that part of your ensemble :) And I really like your hair. It looks great!

  3. That's a great outfit I love the dress. Well done for taking the plunge and being brave enough to show us. I often buy clothes from charity shops . I can get more expensive clothes than I would usually buy at reasonable prices and you never know what you will find.
    Sarah x

  4. Hi Sally, you lovely thing you!
    Firstly, thank you for having the courage to pose and put yourself out there and for linking to my Frocktober fund. I really appreciate it. You look like you're working it to me Sally - especially in the second pic. I love your frock,such beautiful fabric, gorgeous colours, I think you should were dresses (and retro) more often - because, guess what? you ARE good at wearing it! I love the new 'do' too. Lucky you to have curls. (are any of your children re-heads? you know my Annabel is?)
    Thanks again Sally, love Kylie x

  5. Yay for you stepping out! Looks great!

  6. that is a beautiful print, on a beautiful dress on a beautiful you. i love getting glimpses of bloggers though i don't reveal myself much at all!