Friday, August 31, 2012


Yesterday would have been my mother's 70th birthday. It was a bit of a struggle. A walk on the beach and the warm spring sunshine helped.

 Then I went to my studio and painted, which also helped. It has been 18 years without her (and 16 without my dad) but it's my mum I miss most.

This morning on the way back from walking to school I picked some violets. My mum loved plants, she had an amazing knowledge of plants, she knew so many by their Latin names, and she was a tireless gardener.

This afternoon I went and visited my parents gravestones. They do have a lovely view of the area, the farm where we spent most of our lives together is near here.

I picked a red camellia from the bush at the church. Someone else had recently placed a bunch of camellias on her grave, but they had died. And a wee clump of blue soldiers (muscari) were bravely growing in the stoney ground.

This is a blog post that I've been writing in my head for the last two days, and I'm still not sure whether I should hit publish. On one hand I tell myself if I'm going to keep up with this blogging thing I do need to move past the pretty photos and reveal a little more of myself. On the other I think why do it? Because it's very much part of me and I think its good for me to do so. Here goes .......


  1. Thank you for sharing your day of remembrance with us. It must have been so difficult for you loosing your parents so close together. My Dad died last year and my Mum 12 years ago, anniversaries are always difficult times. I wrote a post about the walled garden on the anniversary of his death and I found it helped me. Hope this has helped you to.
    That view is stunning and the Camellia and violets a lovely sign of spring.
    Sarah x

  2. I'm thinking of you Sue.
    I am nearly the same age as my darling Dad when he died (far too young) It's a tricky time, that's for sure.
    You know I love violets, but that vase you've popped yours in = LOVE!

  3. And even though that was yesterday I dare say these things sit with you always. It's a lovely blog post and a lovely thing to share and you've done it ever so eloquently.