Sunday, June 10, 2012

random snippets

I have a few photos that I want to share which don't have a lot in common! Above are two tui in a silver birch tree, and yes I did fiddle a bit in photo editor to get the sky looking like that, it was actually taken at dusk! If you look very carefully (or click on the photo) you can even see the white tufts under their chins!

The lavender are such troopers still flowering away.
I love these letterbox flags, they come in a number of styles - this one being the kowhai. We live in a rural delivery area which means our postie drives a car and if we have mail to post we put it in our box with stamps on it, and raise our red flag, and he stops and collects our mail, as well as delivering it. They are available from the Mapua Country Trading Store, so I have no excuse not to get one.
I'd been meaning to take a photo of this wee man looking at the arrow all summer. It's not often that you see street art around our district. This one resides at Rabbit Island, and we've been driving past it all summer, so when taking Mister H and his class on an orienteering trip to said island, I finally walked past it. I did however feel like peeling off the "chopp" sticker, and I'm not too sure about the purple tag either. Both were recent additions.
While I'm on a road theme, this is the intersection by the school. I took this photo on a "walk to school Wednesday". We live about a kilometer from the school, but I usually drive the kids as it's a narrow and windy road with quite a few blind corners. We do try and walk on Wednesdays - if it's not raining. Opposite the school is  a winery, which has this very large and impressive metal sculpture beside the road.
Welcome to my new followers. As an introvert I do feel a bit strange, I've been blogging away in my own wee corner of the blogsphere for over a year without making any ripples, and now there are expectations to be met! Actually it's nice to get "to know" you all.

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  1. Hello Sally,
    I thoroughly enjoy receiving photos of where fellow bloggers live. I am very much a visual person and I need to see to understand,to imagine and to enjoy. Therefore your photos for me are a insight into another way of life and community. Sorry to say I cannot capture or feel the art in the metal block in your last could say its not my "cup of tea"however the lavender is impressive with the light shining through the petals
    Incidentally my nephew lives in Blenheim and he has constantly invited me to visit and hopefully will one day.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed your market day...personally I am always drawn to that sort of stall.
    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Hi Amanda, thanks for your lovely comment on my photos. I love looking at where other people live too, and prefer the photos to be as large as possible so I don't have to peer too hard! It's funny when I first saw the metal sculpture I didn't like it, but since we have moved to this area and I now see it every day in different lights and different angles it's grown on me! We are off to Blenheim in two weeks time, for my daughter's dancing competition. Blenheim has a totally different look and feel to our side of the hill! I'll hopefully have time to take some photos while we are there and post especially for you! Sx

    2. Uooooh!!! I'll look forward to those photos if you get the time :-)

      Keep well

      Amanda x

  2. Hi Sally,
    As Amanada saids it is so interesting to see where you live and also have some insight into your country from a local point of view. The post box flag is such a good idea and wonderful when it incorporates art too. I had never seen a tui bird or a kowhai. I only started blogging in December and although I had been following some blogs in Holland, I never imagined when I started that I would be corresponding with so many others around the world.
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, gosh now I wish I'd taken a better photo of the tuis! But that's why I put the links in in case anyone's interested. It's funny where this blogging lark leads us isn't it. Makes the world smaller and cosier I think. Sx

  3. hI Sally, very pleased to meet you! It has been said previously, but it is nice to see where others live, and the wildlife.
    Hope we see some more of it!

  4. Thank you for sharing your pics, we used to live in Waihi when we were first married - love New Zealand and would love to go back.

  5. Hello Sally,
    Like Sarah's comment, it's wonderful to correspond with like minded folk all over the world.....
    I loved your post about your mum's scrap book and' Black Mary' the sheep...
    I view all your pictures
    via the links and thought them beautiful...
    Again lovely to find you and the kindest regards.
    Maria x

  6. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I enjoy sharing photos of my little corner of this planet with you. xx

  7. Awesome photography! Great use of light.
    I´m from the other side of the world and I agree with the ladies here, it´s very cool to see the world through the locals´ eyes. :)