Saturday, June 16, 2012

crafty pieces

It's been a bit of a funny old week, I always find it hard to keep motivated in winter. Apart from making lots of soup and doing all the things that it takes to keep this place running I don't seem to have had much "me" time. Also following the crafty production that was necessary to get ready for the Mapua Makers Market, I've gone a bit flat. I'm often like that after an art exhibition too - it seems to take me a while to get my mojo back!

So sharing a few things I made over the last couple of weeks!
trivets made from two circles of felted woolen jumpers

draught stopper made from one I found at the recycling centre which I recovered with a nice piece of woolen blanket
A pile of six wheat bags made from one flannelette pillowcase purchased from an op shop eons ago
some more doily brooches stitched onto a felted woolen jumper
my sewing table looking remarkably tidy for a change!
No wait I did make something this week - I knitted a pair of fingerless mittens - which I have yet to take a photo of, so sorry for the out of focus shot of the work in progress! The best thing about them is that I found the wool at the recycling centre and it only cost 50 cents, as it was a vest. As soon as I picked it up and felt the soft wool I knew what I'd do with it. Now I have enough wool left to make a few more pairs!!
it was the first time I'd knitted with double ended needles too - now I'm looking for more at the op shops!

I also sort of made a crocheted beanie - but really I can't take much credit as I found it lying forlornly in the free bin at the St Vinnies! So I grabbed it and took it home for a wash and discovered a wee hole in it, which I mended then sewed on a granny square which I'd brought a handful of at another op shop a few weeks ago, and voila! the perfect hat for walking on the beach with!
Well here's to next week being a bit more "productive"! I'm linking up at My Creative Space here.


  1. Hi sally !! so many things to say - LOVE ur door stopper it looks fab with the blanket stitch in red. felt circle tea pot mits are great im going to try have a go. brooches are adorable wowee and I so LOVE the yellow flannelette fabric, oh so cosy for a wheatie treatie. want want want

  2. oh also and I would like to have all of your gorgeous tins please. :)

  3. Looks like you've been a busy bee! Really love the brooch idea :)