Thursday, June 7, 2012

winter wildness

Well winter has come, especially to those further south than us. Christchurch had it's coldest day in 130 years (which is as long as records have been kept), and is covered in snow. There's a great satellite image of the South Island almost entirely covered in white here.

But first I'd like to go back a couple of days to Tuesday. When I heard there was a heavy rain warning, I headed straight to the beach after dropping the kids at school. I don't think I'd been to the beach for a week or more and needed to have a wander before it rained.
It was all rather gray and ominous looking, wth spots of rain on the stones, but thankfully the weather held off and I had quite a long walk. For a change I walked the opposite way I usually go, which is in front of a number of houses that look out over the beach.

I always walk with two bags, one is for rubbish and the other is for my "treasures" which are also rubbish, but are things I take home as I have an "idea" for a few art projects. I am always amazed and saddened at how much rubbish I pick up along this stretch. Maybe the people who live here don't think that it matters that there is rubbish in the oceans. I was very cross to find one home owner had dumped a pile of lemon branches over their wall and onto the beach. They may be biodegradable but it's still an eye sore.

Anyhow enough preaching from me, as it was such a gray day I found some colour in the semi wild flowers that were growing above the high tide mark. Although a number of the plants were not happy about the lack of sun either!

On the way back I came across a very angry little dog that barked and followed me menacingly. I was too scared to stop and take a photo of it! Thankfully a small flock of sea gulls didn't mind me and were very busy preening themselves as the waves lapped over their feet.

We did get the rain later on in the day, but Wednesday was very wet and cold. Winter had arrived. This morning when I opened the curtains we saw snow on the mountains. The sky was a soft pink from the sunrise in the opposite direction.

Those two photos were taken straight after each other, one looking west and the other north east. Our animals were also very happy to have a fine day, and to see me with the hay!

"Shiraz" or "Razzy" as she prefers

"Chardonnay" or "Chardy" as we prefer
And yes the alpacas are strange and snooty animals! But they do a good job of keeping the grass down in the paddocks and keeping Mumbai company!


  1. Your photos of the beach and the sunrise are wonderful. Even though it is summer over here it's feels more like your pictures today! Do you get snow on the beach too?
    Your animals look as if they are enjoying that hay!
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, thankfully the snow is a safe distance from us, looks lovely on the mountains but I don't want it any closer, although last winter there was snow fall where we are, but we hadn't moved then - the kids were most upset! The snow is on the beach in Christchurch, but we're in the Nelson region and I don't think it's even been on the beach here!

  2. Hi Sarah, thank you for your good words on my blog- Your photos are stunning, that pink sky is quite breathtaking. We have had a very long winter in Vancouver, very wet and very grey. I don't think we had any spring at all. Maybe in July we will see some warm temperatures and some true sunshine...we hope!:)

  3. Sally... all these photos and your blog are gorgeous...
    You live in a beautiful part of the world and so lovely to visit.
    Thanks for your message too!