Thursday, March 8, 2012

the frenzy - part 2 (and a giveaway)

Well I'm still having to paint up a storm. The trip away was not that successful, I didn't sell any paintings, only sold enough cards etc to cover the cost of the stand. I did get some good feedback on my new paintings, but also after staring at them for two days saw a few things that needed changing! So have made some changes, and still have 3 paintings to finish by Saturday, when I hang my solo exhibition "Forma Naturale".

detail of Naturale 1
 This painting was the first I started on and has probably seen the most changes. Take a look at it a month ago on this blog post. Since then it's been turned around and the trees are gone and are replaced by roots!
detail of Naturale 2

Molecular Landscape 2
If you are interested in seeing more of my paintings head over to my Facebook page where I'm having a giveaway of one of my circular oilstick paintings. To enter like my Facebook page.

Well I had better get down to the studio, after taking half a day to write my artist statement yesterday I'm a bit behind! Why is writing an artist statement so god damm hard?? But now I've done it feel that it is lending some direction in what I am doing. Although the hubby was a bit perplexed by it all! If you've interested here's a link to it.


  1. I love your paintings! It reminds me somehow of my textile work! How strange! Great job!! J'adore...

  2. Thanks Mary. I am also a textile artist, and I feel like my painting and textiles are starting to reflect similar themes, which I enjoy jumping between the two!