Sunday, February 26, 2012

painting frenzy

I'm in the middle of a very productive painting period. I don't think I've even finished so many paintings in such a short time (two weeks) and yet feel that I'm "on the right track" and "might be getting somewhere - finally"!! It's also the first session of painting I've done since we moved and having a dedicated studio helps so much. It's great to have more than one painting on the go, and to be able to pop down the hill after dinner and work away.

I have a deadline, well two actually, so hence the frenzy! This coming Friday we are heading down to Greymouth to Art in the Park a two day art exhibition/fair. It will be the first time that I have a stand there and am a wee bit nervous about it all! Then the following week I'm having a solo exhibition in Nelson. So if I have a successful time at Art in the Park I'll have a VERY busy week getting new work completed.

Here's some close ups of four finished pieces, further details can be found on my Facebook page or my website.

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