Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend delights

We had a great weekend, due to the following sign:
So no more open homes, no more running around frantically tidying and cleaning the house from top to toe. Instead, I can hang out washing on the line on a Sunday for the first time in five months! And I can finally start packing boxes.... Here's some other nice things I saw this weekend.

Sunday also happened to be Father's Day, so we went for a family bike ride around the local river. Another thing I don't think I've done for about five months!

We stopped at a nice stoney part of the river, the boys skimmed stones, and the girls hunted for lovely purple stones. Two of which I brought home for crocheting! There was a stone stacking competition and a the best love-heart-stone competition. Miss L said to me "this is so much fun mum, and it doesn't cost anything!". So wise for her nine years.

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