Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sixth Sense exhibition

I am VERY busy getting work done for a group exhibition at the end of the month.

I'm almost regretting putting the following two pieces in an exhibition "Out of the Frame" of works on paper which are unframed. (Although they do look good hanging in the gallery!) If I'd kept them I could have put them in frames and had two more pieces finished! But the pressure of a deadline seems to help me with the creativity somehow.

"Over View 1"

 The one below has been framed and is going in the exhibition.
Over View 2
These works are a new style/technique I happened upon recently. I had lots of experimental pieces on paper that I wasn't happy with so ripped them all into squares, then collaged the squares onto another sheet of paper.

The "raw" material is on the left.
Some of the squares are like mini landscapes in themselves.
I've almost finished a second piece, so must keep cracking on .......

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