Sunday, September 18, 2011

twenty years ago

I just realised this morning that it's been twenty years since I moved to Liverpool.  I was thinking about Liverpool after reading this blog posting about Anthony Gormley's sculptural installation "Another Place", which are 100 life sized iron men that are placed over Crosby Beach, Liverpool. When I lived in Liverpool I never ventured to the beach, as I didn't think compared to NZ beaches there was probably much to see. I remember that feeling of disappointment at Blackpool. After seeing Annie's photos, it makes me want to go back. This got all the memories flowing, and then lo and behold I realised that I arrived in Liverpool in September 1991, and even by my rough mathematics that was 20 years ago, and that 9/11 was 10 years ago. One event seems much nearer and one seems further to me, funny how time flies at different speeds.

I have started packing boxes for the house move, and was up to the photo albums, so thought I'd better check out the Liverpool one. I was only there for 14 months - what was supposed to be 3 years, was cut short by "events"! In the pre-digital age I didn't click away like I do now, so there were surprisingly few photos of actual Liverpool. I seemed to be more romantically inclined and took photos of National Trust buildings and gardens, and stone circles and cathedrals and castles!

I've scanned a few, first up is me all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the day after 32 hours non-stop from Christchurch to London. Miss L thought my clothes looked much brighter than what I wear now! She doesn't realise it was still in effect the 80's. I'm more horrified by the large specs and the high-waisted pale blue jeans!
Next up is the favourite shot I took of Liverpool, looking down towards the Mersey with the Liver Birds just visible. Paired up with a "street" shot of London Road. I wish I'd taken more of these types of photos showing the gritter side of the city.

Here's the museum where I worked in the Natural History Centre as a educator. This proved to be rather interesting, with the local kids often not able to understand a word I said!
And I found some photos of the million daffodils that were planted in Sefton Park for cancer research. I wonder if they are still there flowering every spring?
It certainly was a very interesting time in my life. I have lots of wonderful memories, and made some fantastic friends. Liverpool has a special place in my heart, I visited again in 1999 - I wonder how long it will be before the next visit and I hope that the statues of "Another Place" are still there.

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