Sunday, September 25, 2011

spring busy-iness

Things are a bit full on here, we are moving in 3 weeks and I have had very little time to pack. I'm busy getting ready for a joint exhibition with a good friend, this time showing my textile / fibre art. So need to get one piece finished and maybe start and finish another by Friday!! Will post pictures soon. Also I've got a couple of weeks work at the hubby's firm, so there goes my days! Speaking of the hubby he's on a work trip to Sydney so I'm solo mum until Wednesday night. Anyhow amongst it all I've managed to grab a few shots of somethings, mostly little shots of my collections as they probably will be totally different in the next house.

the view from the kitchen sink of the vege garden

crocheted stones on old suitcases in the hall
I had never notice how the colours in the painting and the pottery bowl matched each other before!

my collection of birds (plus love heart stone) on sideboard in dining room

 And I've been admiring my spring garden, I will miss the camelias and rhododendrons as the new garden is lacking in them.
but I will be able to take my pots of pansies with me!

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