Monday, May 2, 2011

Term 2 begins

Today the kids went back to school, after two weeks of holidays. The boy turned 11 on the first day of the holidays and we gave him an ipod Touch. After he'd had a downloading frenzy it killed our monthly broadband allocation, so were on dial-up speed for a week! Which makes writing or reading blogs impossible!! But thankfully Trademe was still possible, as I've been having great sales cleaning out cupboards and the garage before we move. Speaking of which the house is still for sale, and winter is coming ........

Here's a few photos from the last two weeks.
 First stop was the seaside village of Mapua, which at the moment is 20 minutes drive away, but when we move will be 5 minutes away! The kids and I went fishing on the wharf with my aunt and uncle who stayed with us for 2 nights.

One of my favourite shops is the Mapua Country Trading Co. It is packed full of simple, practical, gorgeous things for garden and kitchen.

We managed to have a short break away down the West Coast at the brother's farm.

The hubby and I had some time together at Cobden Beach, I searched for driftwood suitable for painting on, and we both enjoyed the balmy warm weather.

And yes we did watch THE WEDDING! Had a wee party instigated by my 4 year old niece, and us adults stayed up and watched it until they arrived at Buckingham Palace. We had to wait until the morning for the repeat showing to see the kiss!

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