Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well since we arrived home on Sunday night there has been nothing but grayness and rain. Shouldn't complain too much at least we have not had floods or tornadoes like the North Island. Had a semi-productive day at art group today. Started a small canvas to give to the Left Bank Art Gallery for their annual fundraiser. (If you scroll down on the link, my painting from last year is 3rd row from bottom in the centre). Actually wished I had taken my camera to Mapua as the trees in the fog on the field next to the hall did look rather beautiful, in a gray sort of a way.

Instead found more photos I forgot to post from last Thursday on our way to Barrytown. We only had one stop, at Fox River. It was lovely, except for when the resident sandflies found us, and started to bite!

Miss L taking a photo of the gap in the peninsula where you can see right through.

There were quite a gaggle of black oystercatchers

 Well here's hoping that the grayness will soon abate, and we can have autumn back.

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