Friday, November 1, 2013


I'm not quite sure where this week has gone. I've been very busy getting my studio ready for the Ruby Coast Arts Open Studios which are on this weekend. It'll be the first time "the public" have been in my studio, as its recently been renovated. This time last week we were eagerly anticipating the return of the hubby from his two week stint in Fiji. After picking him up from the airport on Saturday morning we went into town for lunch and a wander about.

It was a lovely day for looking up.

But we weren't there to look at the sky, but my paintings in the Spring Exhibition at the Suter Art Gallery.  This year I entered three paintings and they were hung together in the first gallery.

Pink Horizon, Kowhai and Capsules all in a row. (How I hate coming up with titles!)

I was also keen to go to an exhibition of paintings by Margaret Petchell  at The Bridge Street Collective. But it were closed (it was a long weekend so I might let them off). My favourite paintings of hers are the large budgie heads, and one was hanging in the window as a poster.

The exhibition ends tomorrow, so I'll just have to be satisfied with looking at her prints at Endemic World.

Driving home the sea was quite wild, but there were still lots of people at Tahunanui Beach.

Last night we went to the launch of the Ruby Coast Arts Festival in Mapua. There was a silent auction of postcard (A5 sized) artworks donated by various artists.  I was chuffed that my two paintings, imaginatively titled "Land" and "Sea" had a bit of lively bidding, and ended up being brought by a couple who have a local gallery.

I'll report on the how the Open Studios went next week, and share some photos of my studio while it's looking nice and tidy. Plus I'll finally get around to holding the 100 Days giveaway as that exhibition came down on Tuesday.  Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Wear a vintage frock to your open studio Sally, go on!

  2. Lovely! Best of luck to you this weekend. I know it will go well :)

  3. Good luck with your open studios this weekend. I love the colours in pink horizon and the land and sea. It must be so exciting to have your pictures on display in a gallery.
    Sarah x

  4. ooo sally how wonderful! Now i am the other way i adore the title bit of the artwork! loving the images here and that giant budgie head...i feel my home is lacking now without one! x

  5. Your work is absolutely beautiful! Love your inspiring little blog, will have to stop by for more inspiration.