Thursday, September 26, 2013

op shopping

The last 10 days have been a tad busy, with a ballet exam (not mine, but being a ballet mum is almost as hard!), a small operation (which has taken longer to recuperate from that what I thought), organising and having a table at a craft market and hanging my 100 sharpie drawings in an exhibition (there will be a blog post soon I promise).

So yesterday was the first day I had time for a quick op shop in what felt like ages. I decided to go to Motueka for a change of scenery. And lo and behold in the Sally Army I found a little bit of op shop serendipity in the form of a black pottery mug.

If you saw Max's op-shop show-off post two weeks ago she shared a lovely black dish made by Chris Weaver a West Coast potter. And I lamented to her how I'd once found one of his teapots, but had in a fit of purging sold it on Trade Me. Reasoning that I'd buy another one, with the wooden handle, from his Iron series.

Well now I am the proud owner of one cup from the same series, and I'll not be selling it on Trade Me.

Linking up with this weeks Op-Shop Show-Off.

Now in a completely different tangent, a sunset from last week.  For some reason we don't get a lot of brilliant sunsets. I'm not sure if it's because we're too close to the mountains, or what, but when we lived on the plains we saw a lot more than we do now. And I discovered how to make a palette from a photo. These programs might be a dime a dozen, but this was the one I used.

It's the last day of term 3 tomorrow, so the school holidays are about to kick off! Wish me luck.


  1. loved seeing the exhibition pics on fb! isn't it the best rush when you find an op shop treasure...i think i am a junkie to it! really i cant stop! sunset is amazing xxx

  2. That black mug is really neat! Great find. I hope you recuperate quickly from your operation!

  3. nice one sally! the mug is wonderful-i bet that handle feels so good to absent-mindedly run your fingers over when your holding a drink in it. very much looking forward to your exhibition post, but always my favourite bit your sky and land photos, they're so relaxing to look at.
    get well soon and happy weekend!

  4. I love your find from the op shop, you must have been so excited when you saw it. Your sunset is fantastic. I have played with making palettes but they never look as good as the examples that I have seen. Sorry to hear about your op , hope you will soon be back to normal. How did the ballet exam go?
    Sarah x

  5. Yay for "reclaiming" part of that set!
    Awesome skies :) hope youre feeling much better and the exhibition went well! Have a great weekend :)