Wednesday, October 31, 2012

peony overload

I brought a bunch of peonies from a roadside stall last Thursday, as I wanted some colour for my open studio event on Sunday. I got lots of comments on them (and also some on my paintings! If you're interested have a look here) even although they were almost "past their best". Well by Tuesday they were definitely past it - but I spent a good half hour getting up close and personal with them.

I think I was channelling the wonderful photos of Emma Bass that are currently being exhibited at Red Gallery in Nelson. I have only seen the photos on Facebook, so I must get in and check them out before the exhibition is finished. Take a look, they are too die for (oops bad pun, they are also of flowers that are "past their best"!)

So if you don't like peonies look away now!

 I did warn you! And those are the best 19 of the 40! It's taken me longer to resize and cull them than it did to take the photos.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post. I will get back into more regular blogging once I have the Mapua Makers Market over with on Sunday, although I've also got two others booked for November and one for December. As they say I'm "making hay while the sun shines".


  1. I love them Sally. Some flowers actually look better when they're slightly past their use-by-date. I don't minded a bit of faded decay in a rose for example...
    Beautiful pics, I would've looked at 40 without a problem.

  2. beautiful photographs sally such ethereal beauty these wilting peonies have. my little claud started ballet class today, it was the most beautiful sight, all these little innocents wafting around in their little pale pink outfits, these pictures totally put me in mind of that x

  3. Great photos! I love love love peonies! I can't wait to grow my own someday.

  4. The photos of peonies are so lovely. The close ones don't look at all as if they are past their best. It takes me back to spring and the peonies growing in the garden! I have never seen such a tidy garage, glad your paintings were appreciated at your open house.
    Sarah x

  5. I love your photos on all your posts, big peonies fan here ( although I do struggle to spell it ! )