Sunday, August 5, 2012

week of snippets

It's been quite a wet week, but I managed to catch a few shots on the phone. Today I discovered Picmonkey, so mashed up some of my Instagram photos, now I'm twice as dangerous!

Today was actually quite lovely, there were even signs of spring to be found in the garden.

The top photo is of the Mapua Wharf, and the recently unveiled statue of Hamish the White Heron. Hamish visited Mapua each winter for over 15 years, but last year he didn't come back so the worst was presumed. So now he has been forever immortalised. From a distance he looks quite real, but on closer inpection the nails and wire to stop the seagulls landing on him make him look like he's having acupuncture .

Linking up with {tinniegirl} here, even although I never play the game properly and always add some words!


  1. hellebores! so that's what they're called! they're gorgeous!
    and so is that rainforest wall :D

  2. He does look like he's having acupuncture. Too funny.

  3. I love your picture from the week, including all the new growth suddenly starting to appear. Hopefully I will be enjoying your summer photos too when we are in depths of winter in a few month time!
    How wonderful that Hamish was remembered in that way!
    Sarah x

  4. Picmonkey looks interesting. I love your photos as usual and will look you up on instagram. Lynda