Saturday, August 18, 2012


I have been busy making more zippered pouches to sell at the Mapua Makers Market in November. It's quite addictive, and the only thing I've had to buy is more zips (from the op shop, of course!) Part of the challenge is matching the fabric, lining fabric and the zip, and no two are alike. I have a large stash of fabric, which is not well organised, and mostly resides in large carrier bags or boxes and is stored in our large shed with all the other things that have never fitted into this house from our move 10 months ago. But that's another story.....

My favourite fabric is vintage barkcloth. The second and third photos are of barkcloth pouches. I had enough of the gray geometric piece to firstly make a cushion cover, then three pouches with the scraps, some of which are patchworked together. I'm very pleased with how I managed to find the right coloured zips, these ones will be hard to sell. Because yes there has to be a reason why the dining table has been covered in sewing paraphernalia all week (and the last few weeks too!). Hubby is very good at inviting friends over for dinner on Saturday nights (don''t worry he does the cooking) so that I have to clear the table, and shove every thing back into the spare room - which is supposed to be the craft room, but I find it a bit claustrophobic in there, so prefer the kitchen!

Not everything I've made is to sell. I found an old linen tea towel at the op shop recently, and decided I need a stag on the couch, hubby is still not sure about this though. I managed to make one pouch with the left overs.

Look how "Monarch of the Glen" he looks - yes the couch wasn't that tidy before I took the photo! In case anyone's interested I took photos of the paintings in our dining/kitchen area.
'Heart Thief' by Eion Stevens, brought after a messy break up years ago!

'Dreamtime Friends' by Pooaraar, brought in Sydney many moons ago

Sue Symes and Cyril Hector, both West Coast artists, although the oil is a Nelson landscape
Below these paintings is the dining table in all it's messy glory! It's just as well we have a breakfast bar to eat at!

Linking up with my creative space and I'm also going to try and join in everyone on instagram as well. No more excuses now we are on broadband (yes it happened last week! - see my rant here if you're wondering what I'm on about.)


  1. The stag cushion looks great. Love it. Your zippered pouches are also amazing. Lovely fabrics.

  2. Great selection of fabrics! All the bet or the market. :)

  3. The pouches are so colorful and should be a big hit at the marketplace. Lovely work.

  4. I love your zipped pouches they are all so different! The stag cushion is great and reminds me of my holiday in Scotland!
    Have a good week.
    Sarah x