Thursday, May 3, 2012

autumnal bunting

Wow! we have had such a great response to the Mapua Makers Market - the applications for tables are flowing in. Its amazing what can happen after putting the word out on facebook. So I've been busy writing emails and dropping our wee postcards all over town. I have a feeling it's going to be a cracker of a wee craft market!

I've been making bunting to decorate the hall with. It was so much fun plus I didn't have to buy anything, somehow I already "owned" a heap of 1970s table mats and napkins. Not sure where they all came from - probably from the free bin or when there was a fill-a-bag deal on at the op shops! See I knew I'd need them - eventually. So I've made two long strings of the larger flags, and now using the smaller pieces (not wanting to waste anything) and some other pieces to make some with smaller flags.

I like how the bunting matches the autumn colour in the garden.

Speaking of autumn, things are starting to get cooler - there was a fine dusting of snow of the Western Ranges the other morning, we are having a fire every night now and I think the first frost must be close. The days, are still glorious.

My boy grabbed the camera yesterday morning and took this photo of the sunrise making the walls glow.
I think he might have his mum's artistic eye! That blob thing is a Gum Emperor Moth cocoon. They take about 9 months to hatch, one day in spring we will hear a strange chewing noise and out the moth will pop. Apparently the longest one "recorded" as staying in its cocoon is 10 years! As a former entomology student (yes it was 100 years ago) I find this impossible to believe. As I tell my kids you can't believe everything you read on Wikipedia.


  1. your bunting is glorious and to die for.

  2. yay for bunting - and yay for autumn colours they are just so cosy.