Saturday, April 28, 2012

printing on lorna

Thursday is Mapua Art Group day.. Since moving it's a 5 minute drive versus the 20 minute drive it used to be. Since moving (6 months ago now - hard to believe we ever lived somewhere else!) I seem to get to Art Group less often than I used to. How can that be? I even used to take the kids in the school holidays, and then we'd have lunch at the beach at Ruby Bay as a treat (well it was for me), now that's my regular beach and I go at least once a week.

Anyhow I did get to Art Group on Thursday this week. We had a  printing session, following on from the workshop on printing in November. Back then I started off by drawing with a Sharpie pen on pages of an old Lorna Doone book, as I posted here. I never seemed to get around to showing the prints that I did then (better late than never!)

On Thursday I managed to carve one more lino cut, only a small one. I based it on the photo of the matai tree that I took on my phone while down the Coast. I would love to have a printing press, it's so much fun, the anticipation as you peel off the paper ........ Again I got the comment from someone, they'll look nice when you print them on some proper paper. Well I have no intention on printing on "proper" page, what's wrong with using a page of a book? But I'm not actually sure what I'll do with them, maybe cards? or I might matt a few up - but then they'll need framing......

I couldn't resist making a print of autumn leaves
due to technical issues (thanks Blogger) I can't seem to get this photo and the one below to turn around!
what am I going to do with all these prints?!

the 3 lino blocks I've carved

On another front, I have a new venture (adventure) with a good friend. We have talked about it for so long we suddenly decided to stop talking and get doing. So we are organising the very first Mapua Makers Market, to be held on Queens birthday Monday (4th June) at the local hall. So exciting, and a bit nervous that we'll get enough stall holders of the right calibre in such a short time!


  1. These look fabulous Sally! I really like the effect of your prints on the text. Simple, but very effective!

  2. I love that you have an art group and you teach each Other things, the lino prints are great, i especially lOve the blue one. Good luck with the market, i just wish i could come x