Monday, April 2, 2012

beach roamings

I love going to the beach - especially by myself! I often try to pop down to the local beach (about 5 mins drive away) to recharge the batteries and look for treasures!

In the weekend I took the kids and a couple of their friends to Ruby Bay. The tide was out and we walked around the cliffs, and found banana passionfruit. Which they were so excited to find and eat, hence why there are no photos of them!

Then the kids had fun looking in the rock pools.

This shot is looking across the bay towards Nelson, the city and port are  in the middle, to their right is the cliffs above Rocks Road, which are currently having to be stabilised again due to the heavy rain we had a few months ago.

 I  found the variety of seaweed fascinating. Although looking at the photos they actually look a bit creepy and placenta-like!

 The following photos were taken a few days earlier, while I was walking by myself at Ruby Bay. Often the waves are gentle and just lap the shore, but that day they were rolling in at an angle and whacking down. I find all that energy exhilarating and one of the best ways to start the day (well it was actually about 9.30, after I had dropped the kids off at school.)
I spend alot of time thinking while walking and searching for rubbish. Have a wee scheme/plan I'm working on, will share when its finalised! The rubbish gets sorted into two bags as I walk - one for bin (ie the real rubbish); and one for my ever expanding collection of bits and pieces that I hope to give a new life someday!

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