Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's dragon time

Yesterday was NY it's the Year of the Dragon, which is a pretty important one around here as I am surrounded by dragons - hubby, son and my littlest bro! Mister H is the luckiest of all being a golden dragon as he likes to remind his dad (wood dragon) and uncle (fire dragon) who are much more common forms!

It actually felt a bit funny not having hubby here for the day (he's in India again) as you may realise I'm not the Chinese one in the mix here! But I did remember not to wash my hair and hence have not washed away any luck. Wish I'd know more things to do and not what to do, just found this list. Well I definitely didn't get the broom out, so more good luck for me. But I should have worn red and tried not to swear.

Something I did start yesterday, which I am SOOOO excited about is a new fibre art piece. I will share soon. Speaking of which I need to get back to it, as I am sans kids (they had a sleepover!) so must not waste time. Had another glorious sunrise here this morning - gosh I love mornings! Photos are from our front verandah looking towards the gate. Behind the hedge is a road (thankfully not a busy one), we are on top of a hill, so feel very lucky and grateful to be living here surrounded by such beauty.

It's also been a year (well a Chinese year) since I started blogging all the way back here!

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