Thursday, December 22, 2011

getting into the spirit

I'm almost there ....... it's actually pretty hard here in the southern hemisphere to get into the spirit. I've only had one christmas in the north, and it definitely "felt" like it!! As I don't venture too near shopping malls it's easy to live in a little bubble and think that there are still plenty of days until the big one! But with the hubby having finished work I now have no more excuses I have to venture out into the land of consumerism for the sake of tradition. Wish me luck!
Another reason for struggling with the feeling this year has been that our region suffered very badly from flooding and slips last week. Over 100 houses are inhabitable, many people won't be in their homes for christmas. A number of beaches are "closed" due to sewage contamination, hopefully they will be open by the weekend. It's such a kiwi tradition to go to the beach, we plan to. At least the strange weather we've been having seems to have moved on and its nice and sunny.
Wishing you (wherever you are) all the best for the festive season.

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