Monday, August 1, 2011

A winter's beach

Yes, it still feels like spring, and being the 1st of August I could say it is now, although officially it's not for another month. But the seasons don't seem to break down into neat three-month blocks here in sunny Nelson! We caught up with a friend who we hadn't seen for years (too long to count, makes me feel guilty!) She had never been to Nelson, but was at a conference so we couldn't show her the sights. Did have her and her lovely daughter over for dinner, then the next day we took her daughter for the morning, as her and Miss L were getting along so well. Meet them at Tahuna Beach, which is not our regular beach, begin too close to the big smoke for comfort!

The morning had a strange glow to it, because of the weather pattern, as can be seen from the clouds. It looked more like sunset than 10 in the morning.
Looking towards the lighthouse on the Boulder Bank

I hadn't noticed that the oystercatchers were all having a snooze until I downloaded the photo
A ship heading towards the Port
Looking the opposite direction towards the airport
 The kids went back to school today, so now I can get out the paintbrushes and glue there's an exhibition deadline to be met on the 29th of this month!

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