Monday, July 25, 2011

Some signs of Spring

I've noticed a few signs that spring is getting closer. The early daffodils have been out for while, I have seen some early lambs, the days are already noticeably longer (I even gardened to 5.30 the other night).

But I think the clincher is that one of the chooks has FINALLY started laying.  It was soon joined by another, making our weekend breakfast a $25 affair (the price of a bag of layer pellets!)

So thought I'd better take some photos of the girls, but they were very weary of me creeping up on them with the camera, the next-door-neighbour's chooks were much friendler and more photogenic!

The hubby often curses the chooks lack of productivity, I have to admit that I did choose the breeds (Gold-laced Wyndottes and Light Sussex) based on their good looks rather than their egg laying ability.  I have promised him that when we move to the country (ie the "new" house that is now tenanted out) I will only get Brown Shavers like the next-door-neighbour's chooks (see below). We will no longer have a 6 chook restriction on us due to no longer being in a residential zone, so the "pretty" girls will be able to retire gracefully.
 I was supposed to post this entry two days ago before the worst cold front the South Island has experienced in 15 years swept over the island depositing snow where it's not normally deposited, therefore ruining my early spring prediction. We had no snow here, but IF we were living at the new house we would have, I didn't tell the kids that to avoid further disappointment. Here's some photos of the snow.

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