Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June, here we come ready or not .......

It's hard to believe May is gone and June is with us. According to the statistics May was the warmest on record, not that I really noticed, as it was quite wet. So now we must prepare for shorter days and colder nights.

Miss L had a private dance lesson at the local church hall tonight, and while we were waiting I wandered around the graveyard. It was a lovely low light, that made everything appear golden.

St Paul's Church, Brightwater built in 1857

such a sweet wee gravestone, now lying down
the kidlets letting off some steam

I have to admit to having a lot of "blog envy" at the moment. I read a few lovely blogs from the UK, most have a vintage/illustration theme, and have to admit to feeling a bit green about all the loveliness I see, and wonder how on earth I can compete!  My finds from the op shops and recycling centre seem to pale into insignificance, there's no way I can post photos of 15th Century castles, or cottage gardens (well not in this month, wait until October!) and I doubt my artistic abilities. The last one is probably because I'm not in the creative groove at the moment. Having the house on the market has dried that well up!

But then I think of all the lovely things I am surrounded by, and I am grateful. I think the fact that my sister and her family, plus my uncle and aunt are all enjoying a 6 week holiday in the UK is just adding to it all. I have a vague plan of a similar trip for us in 3 years time. In the meantime we just need to focus on selling the house, as we get the keys for the new one in 9 days time! Whoppeee!

This clematis was growing over an arch, I have the same one flowering in my garden except it's cream with speckles, I'd never seen this colour before

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