Saturday, July 13, 2013

battery recharge

Things have been hectic around here lately. Who said it was easier once your kids started school? I find that I spend so much of my day driving kids, both during and after school hours. I'm looking forward to the school holidays next week.

I think the kids are too. Last week Miss L sat two dance exams, went to an inter school gymnastics competition (and got second place against real gymnasts!). This week she ran inter school cross country, and auditioned to be a model for the judging part of WOW (World of Wearable Arts), which she got accepted for so will  be doing on Friday. She has to sign a confidentiality agreement so can't tell us what the costumes she's modelling are. We'll have to wait until the show, which is on in Wellington in September, to see her in the programme.

The Teenager has also been busy. He went to the inter school gymnastics competition also, although didn't compete in the same competition as Miss L. His biggest achievement was to do accomplish a handstand on top of the vault without falling off! The great thing about the small school that the kids go to is that everyone gets to participate, which means kids get pushed out of their comfort zones. He's off with the rest of the seniors for an overnight tramp on Thursday to the mountains. It's due to get cold again, so they might even see snow!

And then there's been work dramas with the hubby's job. He thought he had another six months or so left on the particular project he's working on, but that rug was whipped out from beneath his feet last Monday when he was in Australia. Thankfully he's got lots of experience and ability to do various things, so by Thursday he had sorted out a new role! This one involves trips to Fiji, which is much closer to home than India.

We were hoping to all go with him on his first trip. But after failing to find self-catering accommodation on the internet, I gave up for these holidays, and we'll go later in the year.  Although with the weather here I was already visualising walking on warm sand.

Things are slightly chilly around here, although you wouldn't think it from today's walk on the beach. I hadn't been to the beach for a couple of weeks. It was so good to walk in the sunshine with the waves and birds as company. Just what I needed to recharge my batteries.

 I'm now a third of the way through the 100 Days Project. Some days I find it  quite hard to do a drawing, especially if I leave it until the evening. So today I looked for something to draw at the beach, and this piece of sponge was the thing that called to me. Here's the link if you'd like to see what else I've been drawing each day.

Well I wrote this post a few days ago, not quite sure why I didn't hit publish?!  It's now Saturday, but I can't be bothered going and changing the tenses! Now I remember I wanted to include a photo off my phone so has to download my Instagram photos.

Have a lovely weekend wherever you are, and I hope the school holidays are packed with sun and fun and not dampness and bored kids if you're in NZ. I'm definitely going to be dragging my two down to the beach regardless of the weather (yes they sometimes are reluctant to leave their couch grooves!)


  1. My goodness, your family has been busy! It's great that you are able to go to the beach and recharge our batteries from time to time. So sorry about your husband's job but sounds like it turned out for the better anyway. Trips to Fiji don't sound bad at all :)

  2. A great way of recharging your batteries. The light on the water looks amazing! When the children were younger it felt that we were full time taxi drivers it won't be long before they won't need you and you have more time on your hands. I enjoyed looking at your drawings, keep up the good work!
    Sarah x

  3. Those drawings are wonderful Sally, and they look great as a group on your page.
    Sounds like youve got heaps on, but exciting good stuff which is something!
    I'm psyching myself up for school holidays even though claud only does three mornings of kindy, she's discovered the word 'bored' argh!
    Happy weekend to you x

  4. Hi Sally, congrats to your daughter for making it through to WOW and her 2nd place against the gymnasts haha.
    Good on you for keeping on with the 100 projects, I have been terribly slack right from the get go. Perhaps next year. :)

  5. busy!!!! how on earth are you doing the 100 project, is it a drawing every day! That is some challenge! going to check it out now xxxx