Wednesday, May 29, 2013

winteriness finds

Yesterday we woke up to winter. Can't complain too much it was worse for those further south, it just seemed to happen quite suddenly. Its slightly strange to get used to the new view, the mountains will look different for the next 4 months (see photo at bottom of post).

At least the sun has been out, so I can take photos of my latest op shop finds.

Find of the week courtesy of the Richmond dump shop is this Kosta Boda sunflower candlestick (ID-ed thanks to Google images). I'm not a big glass collector, probably because my sister is, and I didn't want to compete with her on Trade Me auctions - back in the days when I used to bid on them. But I can still spot something half decent from a few paces,as soon as I picked this up I could feel the weight, and knew it must be something Scandi. Thankfully the "$3 lady" wasn't on duty so I got it for $2. As for the design, it's not the best -  it took me almost half an hour in the kitchen sink to scrape the wax out of all those nooks and crannies, to bring back the shine.

 I've also added to my cheese dome collection (well not quite a collection as I need one more to bestow it such a title!) The front greener version was scored at the Richmond Sally Army for $4. I need to get the beeswax onto its base to restore it. It goes well with the first one which I got back here.

And yes I've been adding to the vintage sheet collection. I can't go past a good one (or two) especially when they're $3 each. This is the shameful pile sitting on top my couch waiting to be put away in the stash. One of my good friends asked me what I was going to use them all for. Good question - one I haven't quite got an answer for yet, unless I suddenly take up quilting. But look!

Yes, I finally cut into a sheet, to make a skirt for the budgies cage. It doesn't quite fit, due to dodgy corners,  but hopefully it'll keep some of the seeds off the floor. Those of you who regularly read my musings (thank you precious few xx) will know that we had a budgie catastrophe a month ago. Sometimes the best way to get over such grief is to replace what you lost with some more of the same. So a couple of weeks ago we purchased two baby budgies.

Sammy and Sylvie who are much more delightful than Jackie. We can actually touch these guys without painful bites, and they can be taken from their cage for a bit of exercise around the hall.  It also made me realise that Jackie was probably not very happy being in a cage all by herself.

Linking up with Max and everyone else at the Op Shop Show Off.

Here's the rosey-tinted snowy mountain shot from our deck  (a bit of zoom required as we're not that close to the mountains!)


  1. yay for snow, yay for budgies and yay for op-shops!
    i really love those smokey glass do-dads, and the kosta boda is very stylish and appropriately freezing looking for winter too!
    nothing my heart likes better than the view of snow on mountains x

  2. Hi Sally, glad you've got yourself some new (friendly!) budgies. They look rather fond of each other, like a little old couple in that last pic. Very sweet.
    I'm not crazy for glass either, but I am crazy for your smokey domes (they are lovely) and I scored myself some vintage iittala recently. You did a great job of getting all the wax out of your candlestick (I think it's nice to know that it was actually used and not just stashed in a cupboard).
    Btw, I will always read your musings x

    p.s. love your popcorn sign.

  3. Pretty mountain shot! It still blows my mind that you are heading into winter while we are heading into summer! I really like the cheese domes and how you have them displayed with the items inside. Very pretty! And your new budgies are so cute! I'm glad you got some new babies :)

  4. Hi Sally,
    I was impressed with your latest finds from the op shops you always seem to find some great bargains. If you want some ideas for vintage sheets look at Vintage sheet Addict- one of the blogs I follow Ada has a huge collection! Sorry Jackie wasn't found but your new birds look so cute such lovely colours.
    It seems strange seeing snow as we head towards summer.
    Sarah x

  5. Love your bugies. Oh what gorgeous snow cover mountains! Nice shot !

  6. ooo i had a terrible budgie catastrophe too! it's too painful to talk about! Your 2 are lovely, i always kept 2 together x

  7. love the sheets! so pretty! and great idea for the budgie cage!

  8. Hello Sally
    Looks like you've encountered quite a find. Its a lovely bit of glass and I can even see in the photo that it is a heavy piece. I very much like the cheese domes too.

    we are coming in to summer here in Alicante and the mozzies have hit us with a vengeance after the heavy storms-such a nuisance.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  9. Wow nice mountains. Not sure where you live but is that snow????

  10. Just read in a bit more closely and it is snow! Cooma????

  11. Cheese domes? I think you might have introduced me to a new item of desire. Wouldn't they look great with little vignettes, winter scenes etc underneath?

  12. Those mountains look so pretty in the glowy colour. I do love those cheese domes, I've never seen that type before and they quite appeal to me! x

  13. I picked up three sunflower candlesticks in one go! Broke one in the cleansing, our right they are buggers to get clean! Really like your cheese platters too! :)