Thursday, March 28, 2013

passing time

Time is flying, another month is almost over, and summer is definitely over. I've had a busy month with painting and a solo exhibition, which I will blog about soon. I was so pleased to get both my entries accepted to Changing Threads - National Contemporary Fibre Awards, with "Coming Home to Roost" getting a Highly Commended. The exhibition is still running in Nelson until 13th April.

We've had a long and dry summer, I think it rained once at the beginning of February. Finally it rained two weeks ago, we got 80mm over three days, which filled our water tanks. We are totally reliant on rain water collected off our roof, while we still had plenty in the tanks it certainly makes you think about how long to stay in the shower! 

So with the breaking of the drought (other parts of the country are still unfortunately much worse than our area and are still in drought) autumn arrived. The days are shorter, and the clocks haven't gone back yet so when I get up in the mornings it's dark. I love seeing the start of each new day, and the best bit is I'm usually the only one awake. I love walking across the lawn to take photos of the sunrises. If a car come I quickly run back inside, my pjs are not for public consumption!


The autumn evenings have been lovely too. We often don't get such spectacular sunsets, but the sky can still be dramatic.

Last night the full moon was rising in the east, and with the sun setting in the west, we were treated to a lovely moonrise. When I got up this morning the moon had travelled over the sky to the other mountain range we look out to. The photos were taken between 7 and 7.35am, and in that time some mist had rolled into the wee valley behind our house. Yes we are truly spoilt with views where we live, and after 18 months I still can't believe how lucky we were to find our little bit of paradise on top of a hill.

Thanks for all the lovely comments you've left on my blog over the last few months, it really helps with the motivation to keep on with the blogging lark! If you're on Instagram do pop over and check out my photos. I love the fact I can take photos and upload with ease and few words, it seems to suit me more than blogging at the moment!

It seems everyone is signing up to Bloglovin with the imminent demise of Google Reader, so I've joined in. Although it tells me how many followers I have I can't actually tell who you are, so thanks to the secret seven!!

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  1. What lovely photos! So funny because my post today was about the gorgeous sunrise I witnessed this morning :) We are kindred spirits!

    I'm glad you finally got some rain. If you are totally reliant on rain water I'm sure it makes you appreciate it that much more. And congrats on the exhibition entries!

  2. I'm in the Secret Seven club. Love your shots of the sky. I've been taking pics of our skies too, particularly the few grey, cloudy, rainy ones we've been lucky enough to get lately.

  3. ~ Hi Sally....LOVE that YOU moon watch too....What a special place YOU have to appreciate all the wonders around you......Following the moon cycles always helps me feel part of some thing much more greater than we can even comprehend! And I like this! LOVE your photography and the fact we are both Moon watching! With kindest thoughts and a few 'Twinkles' ***** Maria x

  4. These photos are absolutely stunning, Sally. Thank you for sharing them.

    I too, am really enjoying Instagram. It's fun to see others' photos as well as playing around with my own. I'm contemplating possibilities for my blog. Perhaps just posting a single photo with few words for a while. We'll see.

    It's interesting to hear about your lack of rain (and your opposite season). Here we get so much precipitation (rain and snow). So many cloudy days. And winter is taking its time leaving this year. I'm looking forward to sunshine, a lack of snow and mud and lots of flowers. I'm definitely cheering for the break in your drought, though.

    Hope you've had a wonderful week!