Tuesday, December 11, 2012

op shop scores

The lovely Max of Blackbird has Spoken, has started a linky of op-shop/secondhand finds. And it would be rude not to join in so here I am.

The large jars (which are slightly green tinted) and the wooden rulers (additions to the collection!) were from the recycling centre last week. I got the jars for the kids to make terrariums in these school holidays. The smoky glass cheese board I got a few weeks ago from the Hospice shop. I thought it might be Holmegaard but no amount of googling of images has confirmed it's identity! I'm using it to display the beach treasures we found in Australia, along with a few from closer to home.

The same trip to the recycling centre also yielded the Cathrine Holm Lotus saucepan. It was one of those moments where your heart stops beating for a few seconds, as you can't quite believe you've spotted a piece of Cathrine Holm amongst the rusty cake tins at the dump! I didn't even look at it that carefully, just casually grabbed it and tucked it under my arm. At home I cleaned it, and it's not in perfect condition, there is a bit of staining inside and one small mark to the enamel on the outside, but as they say "it displays well"! It's not my favourite colour either, but now my teapot (which I got from the Sallies a couple of years ago) is no longer lonely.

I've been having a teal period over the last couple of weeks. First up is the planter from the Sallies, I think it's German, but can't quite read what's imprinted on it's base. It was followed by the birdcage from the recycling centre, then the Midwinter bowl from the Sallies again. I already have two identical Midwinter bowls along with some other pieces in this range, but they are still packed away in boxes from the house move. But at $1.50 how could I leave it behind! I got the birdcage to use on my stall table to display my felt birds in, as the one I currently use takes up quite a bit of room. However, this one is too small to actually hang the birds in, so I have another cunning plan for it.

Lastly I thought I'd just throw this photo in, of a wee display I had in my craft room (when it was tidy!) all items are op-shop scores.

So thanks Max for giving me the motivation to write this post!


  1. Awesome finds! I loooove the large jars and wooden rulers. Totally my style! The teal birdcage is really nice, too. I just may have to add more teal to my life now :)

  2. Those are such great finds and I love the co-ordinating teal items. The planter does look similar to a brown one my Mum had from Germany in the 70's.
    Sarah x

  3. hubby thinks your glass cheese board might be tony kepfer (sp.?) an american glass person who came to nz in the 60's i think. is it hand blown do you know? he's fossicing in his glass ref. books at the mo. to see if he can confirm it.
    myself i LOVE those jars and your plans for them, and that birdcage is utterly gorgeous. i'm not even going to mention the catherineholm (you my dear really do have an eye and some serious op-shop luck don't you?!!!).
    thanks so much for linking up x