Sunday, December 23, 2012

happy holidays

Yesterday morning we went for a bike ride on the newly opened part of the cycle trial that is being established in the region. It's known as the Great Taste Trail, due to the Tasman-Nelson region being renown for growing all sorts of crops, livestock farming and fishing.

The small part we did was from Rabbit Island over the Waimea River to Lower Queen Street in Richmond. It only took about an hour return which was more than enough as the sun was getting quite hot. Living on the hills to the west of the Waimea Plains it's nice to get out on the flat for a ride.The boys in the family don't mind downhill mountain biking, but us girls don't like having to do too many gear changes so are much more into refined biking along nice paths!
 This is looking west, we live somewhere out there probably on the far right. It's about 10 minute drive in the car, it takes a lot longer to get four bikes secured to the bike rack! In the foreground is part of the estuary, the tide was out so there wasn't much water to be seen.

 The cycle trail goes around the edge of the estuary, so it's good for bird watching, on the other side is farmland. This is looking south, it was a great day for clouds. I just wish we'd get some rain, but think we are in for a long, dry summer. We get out water from our roof and store it in three large tanks, so we are more fixated about rain than we used to be!

Near the river there was a paddock with a herd of Clydesdale horses. I could only get a photo of these two, the others were too far away. These horses are still used by the family that has been breeding them for over 100 years.

 Here's Miss L riding onto the new swing bridge. It's a lovely blue colour which doesn't show up with the bright sunshine.
On the way back we stopped at this old tank that has been restored. Hubby thought it was an old water tank, but as H pointed out why does it have a door and windows! Good point, unfortunately there wasn't an interpretation panel here so we are none the wiser.

 After packing the bikes back onto the bike rack, we headed back the way we had biked to a berry garden. This is one of our favourite pre-Christmas rituals, picking raspberries and boysenberries. I think we may need to go back on Monday to get more for Christmas Day.

We have had our tree up for two weeks, we have an artificial one because of allergies. While I miss the smell of a real tree I don't miss the mess, as in the heat it doesn't take long for needles to start dropping. The kids decorated the tree, with some input from me! Miss L loves tinsel, as I restrained her tinsel use on the tree, I let her decorate a driftwood branch with some, no restraint there! The felt hearts I made a few years ago, they were the first crafty thing I'd made, and have lovely old buttons on them.

This year the only decorations I've made is a garland of felt circles from an old jumper. I like how the red matches the red in my painting.

Wishing you and yours, where ever you are, a very Merry Christmas.
Sally xx


  1. Hi Sally,
    Thank you for taking us on your lovely bike ride along the estuary, it nice to see some blue skies and sunshine. We have heavy rain all week with lots of flooding- we need to send some in your direction!
    Have a very Happy Christmas with your family. Thank you for all your lovely comments. I have enjoyed so much see your art and hearing about your life in NZ.
    Sarah x

  2. Sally the ride looks super. I just did out local Hauraki cycle trail yesterday and am writing my post! great minds think a like - and its definately bike cruising weather isn't it. Merry Christmas

  3. Wonderful photos! It's so strange to see blue skies and green grass as we're set to get several inches of snow in a few days! What I wouldn't give for some freshly picked raspberries right now...haha! Looks like you all had a fun time. I haven't been on a bike in years.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Merry Christmas Sally and have a great time with your family :-)

    Amanda xx

  5. Hi Sally, thanks so much for not remaining a lurker and coming to say hi. Had a little read back through your blog and cannot believe your catherineholm oppie finds x TWO. Gorgeous and so so luck. Never seen anything like this in an oppie in over two years of thrifting adventures. So nice to see that Max is doing an oppie link up to via your blog. mel x

  6. Hi, found you via Sarah at Down by the Sea. What lovely photos, so nice to see warm blue skies, I can almost feel the warmth. How wonderful to pick fruit for Christmas. Suzy at rusticvintagecountry! x

  7. What a wonderful bike lovely to get out and just ride. I miss my bike tremendously and I also miss the way it would keep my weight down. Its just not viable for me to ride a bike here in the city. I did a few years back but got knocked off the bike by a car and my hubby did not like that one bit so that was bye bye to my bike. The Spanish have no respect for cyclists!
    I have enjoyed these photos though reminds me too of the long bike rides I used to go on in the UK when I was younger.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)