Thursday, November 29, 2012

tall poppies

I have been enjoying my poppies. Although with the winds we have been having lately the flowers don't last long. The wind has also made it hard to take photos of them, but between gusts of breeze and the hit-and-miss nature of my camera when it's on macro I've managed to get some shots I'm happy with.

I also have some smaller poppies in the same garden. They struggle to compete with the tall poppies!
The garden itself is not that spectacular - yet! I only planted it in the winter (apart from the lavender hedge). I'm waiting for the penstomens and rose-scented geraniums to grow.


  1. Great photos! The colors of the poppies are so beautiful. I love your lavender hedge. I really want to plant some lavender!

  2. I love poppies and you have captured them so beautifully in your photographs. How wonderful to be at the start of summer.
    Sarah x

  3. Hi, Sally, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I am loving your poppy photos and further down those gorgeous peonies. Sadly, both my peonies and my poppies didn't do very well this past year. The peonies are getting too much shade and the poppies might be too crowded.

    Your paintings in that last post are lovely!

  4. wow your poppies look beautiful :)