Saturday, May 19, 2012


I've been stitching away when ever I can find the time on a few brooches for the Mapua Makers Market. I have a large pile of doilies and other linen squirreled away, and the time had come to so something with some of the scruffier pieces. So have started on stitching some pieces into wee brooches. I forgot I had a felted mustard jumper in the cupboard, it goes well with the flowers.

I'm also still making my "End of the Line" brooches from the London Underground tea towel.  These are actually quite dainty, the photos are not to scale!

I settled on my crafty biz name of Mahana Redlegs - upcycling as fast as I can, and have started a Facebook page devoted to all things crafty. If you pop over and like my Facebook page I'll enter you in the giveaway on it.

Also I'm thinking about how I'm going to set up my table etc for the market. The other day I found some small cards in the op shop for 50 cents. They are an Endless Landscape or Mryiorama puzzle with "exactly" 1,686,553,615,927,922,354,187,720 possible combinations from the 24 cards! Instead of working this out I punched a hole in each and attached some twine to make tags. Cute eh! I've also being making somethings with old tennis racquets which I''ll share another day (or you could just look at my Facebook page if you can't stand the suspense).

** please ignore the maligned photos, I give up on Blogger some days!


  1. Such lovely things, all of them. Your tags are so cute! Great idea.

  2. Love the little cards - really gorgeous! Lisa x

  3. Hello Sally,

    I am your newest follower.
    What lovely lovely brooches!!! very original I am quite partial to the unusual.

    I think I also see a crocheted stone in your previous post. I have done a few myself using sea pebbles from the beaches here in Alicante.

    I'm off back to your blog now I want to read some more.

    Amanda :-)

    1. Me again Sally just to thank you for your comment on my last post which I have replied to on said post.

      Have a great weekend :-)


  4. Love the brooches, and the tags are gorgeous.

  5. Hi Sally! Ooh your making some lovely things! Tennis racquet? now I am intrigued!

  6. thanks everyone for your lovely comments, its very encouraging when some days i wonder what i'm up with this blogging thing! cheers xx

  7. Hi Sally, have just seen your comment on Amanda's blog and would like to be follower number 5 please? Your photos are amazing ... I have a friend who lives in Tauranga who lived with us for a while, she always spoke very fondly of NZ. Have a lovely day, Claire xx

  8. Hi Sally,
    I love your end of line brooches they are so unique. Thank you for finding me and following you. Your blog is lovely - your photos of the sea are so different to mine with the mountains as your backdrop. It reminds me a bit of Croatia, so beautiful with those sunsets. I shall enjoy following you too.
    Sarah x