Friday, November 4, 2011

new house feels like home

We have been in the "new house" for 18 days now, wow! I had to count them, as it feels like we've been here a lot longer than that. Straightaway, even before we had finished shifting (which took a mammoth 10 days to do - that's what happens when you DIY!) it felt like home. I am an early riser and every morning I am greeted by the view from the kitchen window - everyday it is different, and I'll never grow sick of it.
both of these photos were taken on the first morning, about half an hour apart
some mornings it's red
and some mornings it's misty
 Another great thing is that not only can we see the sea, but we can be at the sea in 5-6 minutes. We popped down the other night. The kids had fun jumping off the stormwater pipe.


and jump again and again!
 The boy found a very long stick, as you do.

We all gazed out to sea and felt very happy and glad that we had moved.

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