Friday, October 7, 2011

night time flowers

I've been busy, I've been working (yes it is a shock to me too!) on contract at hubby's office, doing readability checks. Basically reading lots of technical engineering documents and going through them with the red pen! So it's good for the bank balance, not so good for the house work, or for getting the house packed (2 weeks to go!), or gardening. Now when I say gardening I'm not trying to leave the garden in perfect shape for the new owners, that would be impossible. But I am trying to take wee pieces of some of my favourite perennials, especially as the new garden is lacking a bit on the perennial/cottage garden front.

The other evening, I wandered around with my flash going, and took some night time shots (well it was actually dusk). 

Primula - Wanda

The primula and trillium are definitely on the "dig up" list. However, not keen on the basket fungi - it just looked spectacular!. Also definitely can't take the large weeping cheery tree, know as the "fairy tree" around here. We will miss it, the kids have a rope swing in it, and used to have a tree house - yes it's that big!

Well it is last day of term 3 here, our terms have all been messed up by the Rugby World Cup, as we should have had holidays in September! So I'd better go and prepare the kids for their last day at Brightwater School.

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